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Jul 19, 2022

Most of our customers engage with us to help them proactively manage the services in Oracle Cloud.  In any large implementation, there are various moving parts such as integrations, applications, data warehouses, on-premise systems, third-party cloud systems, identity & security systems, etc. These require proactive management for support and this is where our managed support services help our customers.  

On a daily basis, the applications are monitored and reported in the Weekly Service Review Day wise.

Event Management – Proactive service & system monitoring 

Fusion Practices Managed Support (FPMS) resources proactively monitor the integration batches, application performance, downtime etc. The services we provide as part of event management are listed below: 

  • Enterprise Monitoring 
    End-to-end monitoring of all Oracle Fusion ERP, and their integrations. This requires good working knowledge of how the different application modules operate together. With our team’s knowledge across all ERP modules and Oracle Integration Cloud, we believe we have the right skill sets to carry out this activity and coordinate with the users and IT for issues 
  • Service Monitoring 
    Monitoring production services – applying both proactive checking and in response to Incidents 
  • Monitoring 
    Monitoring connectivity (Platform & Network) e.g., Monitoring connectivity with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) such as payment file integrations with bank SFTP, networks, Oracle and monitoring tools 
  • Application Monitoring 
    Proactively monitoring and checking the availability of the services, reporting to Customer’s stakeholders on any downtime. Coordinating with Oracle in case of unexpected downtime and ensuring faster resolution to bring the instance back up and running 
  • Reporting 
  1. On a daily basis, the applications are monitored and reported in the Weekly Service Review Day wise.  
  1. Ensure service monitoring and alerting processes and capabilities are review / updated to reflect the capability being delivered into Production 

Work ethics

All the clients of Fusion Practices are referenceable because of the quality and dedication of our resources. We take ownership of issues and ensure resource availability during the critical period (Sev-1 issue). A dedicated service delivery manager will be designated to the Customer’s account. Dedicated Phone, Email & portals are always shared with the Customer’s team. For any issue related to the system or project, the customer can directly contact the given contact details, our resources are available to provide on-call support for critical issues even during the weekend. 

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