Data Migration

Migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud ERP can be challenging.  Our end-to-end automated solution simplifies the entire process and ensures data accuracy and faster migration of data to the cloud.

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Choose the best data migration solution for your business

Effortless migration provides faster delivery

Iterative process ensures 100% accuracy

Embedded data cleansing process

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Data migration is one of the most crucial phases in an organisation’s transition from on prem systems, Oracle EBS to Oracle ERP Cloud. Data requirements for the cloud are dynamic and require substantial data transformation and mapping. Further, the migration process is resource intensive, expensive and, time consuming. Key steps for successful data migration are:

Research migration processes

Build best practices

Write extract scripts

Perform data validation and mapping 

Shift data to the cloud


Introducing Fusion Practices’ Data Migration Suite

Data migration can be a time consuming and laborious process for organisations that don’t have access to proven solutions.

FPL Edge

Fusion Practices’ proven data migration solution performs all the above steps seamlessly and securely within a short timespan.


Our solution blueprints are user friendly and do not require complex coding or technical expertise; they have the required sophistication for transforming and mapping data. This not only results in a secure data migration but also prevents delays and failures at this stage which could impact the go-live process for our customers.

FP Data Migration Solutions

Benefits to business

Reconciliation dashboards accelerate the migration cycles

Get a headstart with pre-built validations

100% Data migration in the first iteration allows for quicker corrective actions mitigating go live risks

Faster data migration with our proven solutions that can be easily tailored to your needs

For first iteration of data migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Financials in a tier 1 global bank comprising 11 ledgers with Fusion Practices’ Data Migration Solution

Data Migration Approach

Detailed Dashboards and Reports

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Our Other Accelerators


Our automated testing tool, CloudTestMate, will ensure that frequent updates and patches are regressively tested within just hours rather than days.

Training Suite

Our best-in-class Oracle training modules ensure that customers are equipped with the relevant skills to adopt and use new technology.


Fusion Legacy Archival Tool is a proprietary solution to archive Oracle EBS to data lake with reporting enabled on historic data.

Knowledge Repository

Knowledge repository equips customer teams with the necessary know-how and resources to resolve recurring issues at the helpdesk level to avoid escalations leading to cost reduction.

Rapid Implementation Toolkit

A fixed scope offering that enables our customers to reduce their implementation time with our predefined solution blueprints and templates.