Oracle Cloud EPM’s sophisticated long-range planning and future what-if scenario modeling capabilities enables businesses to shift gears at the right time. To know more

Achieve greater command over last mile reporting and financial closing to deliver swifter and precise reporting using Oracle Cloud EPM. To know how

Fusion Practices’ Oracle Cloud EPM transformation solution strikes the right balance between automation, human interface, and cutting-edge technology to increase transparency and decrease time spent on reconciliations.

Porting to different compliance and regulation requirements made easier Oracle Cloud EPM’s collaborative and process driven Narrative Reporting tool.

Why Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management?

The Chief Financial Officer and the finance department, today, occupy a central place in an organisation’s growth strategy. In an ever-changing disruptive business environment, they are expected to find answers to questions such as

  • 9Should the business shift gear?
  • 9If yes, when should it change?
  • 9How and where is my cash spent?

To arrive at the right answers that will drive the business forward, CFOs and the finance department need comprehensive planning and forecasting processes that will allow them to respond effectively and swiftly to market needs.

Introducing Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) that builds agility and arms the finance team with tools to forecast, plan, and stay ahead of the curve.

Transform finance as strategic business growth driver
The Fusion Practices Oracle Cloud EPM solution framework

Agile, Connected Planning

360-degree organisation view through centralised monitoring and unified platforms for efficient decision-making

Intelligent Automation

End-to-end automation of month-end close process, account reconciliation, and transaction matching for a swifter and accurate financial close

Increasing synergies

Building robust and auditable business process by creating linkages and increasing collaboration

Oracle Cloud EPM Planning

Navigate uncertainty with agile, connected planning

Non-siloed, integrated planning that can predict long-range future what-if scenarios and identify risks and opportunities to help you make the right decisions.

Oracle Cloud EPM Financial Close and Consolidation Services (FCCS)

Purpose-built financial close process and process driven last mile reporting automation

Centralised-monitoring with pre-built best practice functionalities can get you started quickly and condense the close period considerably.

Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliation (ARCS)

Streamlining processes for a seamless close and multi-regulatory compliance

Increase speed and accuracy, decrease time-spent by automating complex reconciliations.

Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting

Bringing the data and the content together

Narrative reporting allows teams to source data from a single platform, define authors, and publish meaningful reports that paint a meaningful picture.

Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management

Simplifying complex numbers to tangible analysis

Builds visibility of cost and revenue drivers helping you to prioritise resource and capital allocation

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Data Management

Establishing a single source of truth for your chart of accounts data and other key financial dimensions

Connects different sources of data, rationalises and offer one source that can be used across the organisation from upstream to downstream

Oracle Cloud EPM Tax Reporting

Linking finance and tax for corporate tax reporting compliance

Enable greater efficiency for tax processes, stronger controls, and unparalleled integration between book and tax reporting