IR35 Regulation Compliance

Complying with the IR35 regulation can help you identify and collaborate with specialised technology partners capable of delivery holistic solutions.

Fusion Practices has a team of highly skilled and qualified domain and technology experts who ensure that all our delivery exceeds customer expectations.

April 2021 is just around the corner and the IR35 deadline is fast approaching.

IR35 could have considerable impact on your on-going and future projects. It could 

  • Increase resource cost by 15-20% impacting budgets. 
  • Delay resource allocation to projects impacting timelines. 
  • Lead to loss of valuable knowledge repository due to reallocation of resources.

It is essential that you analyse all your existing advisory arrangements and identify and replace ones that could have a substantial impact. 

The FPL Edge

At Fusion Practices, we have decades of experience in designing and implementing a well-planned and robust IT strategy that helps our clients achieve their strategic business goals.

We can help ensure that your project delivery deadlines are met, and costs too are not impacted. 

Allocation of dedicated resources from our wide talent pool with minimum lead time

All our resources are PAYE employees and will thus not impact your costs

Ensure seamless knowledge transfer and handover

As thought leaders, Fusion Practices builds innovative solutions that not only empower our clients to create sustainable business processes but also deliver tangible results and RoI for future growth.

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