Why GrantsNow got selected as an ERP Innovation Awards finalist

Fusion Practices


Aug 5, 2022


Learn about the ERP Tech Innovation Award 2022 here

We are a leading Cloud consultancy implementation and services provider in the UK and have helped numerous clients transform their business with Cloud. Our strong team of x150 expert consultants have immense expertise in solving real-world business problems courtesy of the diverse portfolio of clients they have had the opportunity to work with at Fusion Practices. We strongly believe in continuous innovation, which has pushed the team to develop an innovative fully-configurable, pre-awards solution for the higher education industry. 

Fusion Practices’ GrantsNow is a product which redefines and streamlines the pre-awards process that institutions have been following to secure grant funding for research projects. The research projects performed by universities in the UK are for the greater good of humanity with a key focus on finding cure for diseases and making life sustainable on the planet for coming generations. GrantsNow automation allows universities to identify such research opportunities and to cost them as per the government guidelines. The calculation of costs for these research grants is regulated and therefore the platform has an in-built workflow. To enhance the user experience the platform comes bundled in with chatbots and various other collaborative options making it easy to apply for grants on research projects.  

The product also covers reporting needs through various visualizations and ready-to-use reports with self-service BI capabilities. This solution is offered as a SAAS and integrates into any major ERP software along with pre-built integrations for Oracle Cloud HCM & Financials ERP. After the research funding is approved and secured this platform integrates such awards with Oracle Cloud Grants, allowing universities to record and report on costs against the funding received.  

Some of the key metrics of our product are: 

  • The ability for customers to complete processes quickly and efficiently and ensure that all information is at hand to create and complete complex calculations. 
  • Customers to have faith that the applications they are submitting are correctly costed which results in no loss of revenue. 
  • Integrations are completed for them which saves money and time during implementation 

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