6 important factors for choosing an Oracle Cloud ERP Managed Service Partner for your business 

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Feb 1, 2023

Here are six important factors to consider when choosing an Oracle Cloud ERP Managed Service Partner.  

Advise on new features and quarterly updates 

As you may be aware, new enhancements or product innovations are released automatically into your environment every quarter. These new innovations may resolve some of your current challenges or simplify your existing business processes. Customers look for candid advise from their support partner/team to advise on new functionalities/features and whether it will be useful in their processes. 

Additionally, they need an assurance that quarterly updates have not adversely impacted their existing business processes. Key functionalities should be tested by the support team before quarterly updates are released in production environment. 

Enhanced support – 24X7 support for crucial business activities and periods 

Business users expects enhanced support during crucial period of the month such as period end or payroll run. Additionally, 24X7 support for priority/severity 1 issues which impacts normal business operations. 

One team ethos 

Normally customers will have some of their own resources to provide support, but this may not cover all the areas to be supported or need additional support resources with specific skill sets. Customers expects these additional resources should work hand-in-hand with their team and work as one team in front of business users/end users. 

Cost effectiveness 

There are a lot of different skills required to provide effective support which includes functional consultants, reports developers, Oracle Integration Cloud experts, PaaS developers etc. A support partner should be able to achieve this for you. 

Talk the business language 

The support provider / partner should work closely with business users and ensure they understand their language.  They should frequently connect with the business to understand any pain areas or bottlenecks and provide suggestions to improve.  They should also proactively suggest improvement ideas as they understand our business processes and Oracle ERP Cloud capabilities. 

Minor enhancements 

With quarterly updates, there may be changes required in existing functionality/processes or there could be frequent changes due to changing business requirements. Customers expect minor enhancements to be bundled as part of support service to avoid frequent change request discussions and admin effort. 

A managed support services provider monitors your system performance when you need it, reduces risks, saves costs and helps your managers be more productive and efficient. 

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