Role of Business Users & Consultant in a Successful ERP Implementation

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Oct 7, 2022

Well, in any ERP implementation IT is considered as the key success factor. However, despite the fact that IT accommodates the Business needs, it is not actually the key success factor. 

The key roles in an implementation project

In fact, Business Users/ Stakeholders play a key role in successful implementation of a Project. The amount of dedicated time the aforesaid spends on the Project is to be considered as a milestone for a successful implementation. In addition to their time, the Knowledge of Business Users/ Stakeholders has a significant impact on the implementation. 

Secondly, the Consultant plays a vital role in the successful implementation of an ERP system, who comes with profound Product Knowledge and holds prior Implementation experience. Consultant sets the right agenda, and define value clearly to the Business Users/ Stakeholders with the scope of work, Project objectives etc. and gather the information, which includes the current Business Processes that are being followed in the organization, challenges that are faced with the current ERP system, what are the Business Users expectation in the new ERP system.

Consultant-Stakeholder relationship

In order to get the better outcome, the Consultant maintains an interactive relationship with Business Users/ Stakeholders. It is also expected from an ERP Consultant to have a clear understanding of the new processes and best practices in the market that suits the Business requirements and those need to be explained to Business Users/ Stakeholders. It should give the confidence to Business Users that they will be able to carry out their day-to-day operations with better performance in an efficient way.  

Apart from the Role of Business Users & Consultant, there is one more pillar for the successful implementation of an ERP System - Project Governance Team 

Although there is a great contribution from Business Users & Consultant, Project still gets halted due to poor decision-making by the Project Governance Team. No ERP system can accommodate the 100% requirements of the Business Users/ Stakeholders. The governance Team should take timely decisions and provide direction to the Project team to achieve organizational goals. 

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