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Jul 8, 2022

Fusion Practices’ approach to user training adheres to a blended methodology that ensures that all users of Oracle ERP Cloud are targeted with the most appropriate content in several different ways. This approach fully equips an organisation for a successful Oracle Cloud Solution rollout within the context of a wider communication program to detail the system change and the overall strategic direction of the business. 

Beyond just Training 

Fusion Practices’ Training provides users and managers with tailored services that align with their company’s unique corporate goals, terminology, and business processes. Fusion Practices Consultants work with the customer’s subject matter experts to understand and document the organisation’s requirements. They deliver training on the specific functionality relative to business goals and processes. Fusion Practices designs and produce manuals, documentation, workshops and presentations which are precisely tailored to customer applications and business processes.  

Our Experience 

Fusion Practices puts the needs of users first. This approach enables the education of customer’s users to evolve as an integral part of an implementation. The applications and procedures taught in our training programs mirror what users encounter in their day-to-day working lives thus providing a cost-effective and compelling solution for user training. 

Fusion Practices conducts workshops across teams by providing two levels of training as mentioned below: 

  • End User Training 
  • Super User Training (Administrators) 

As part of the training activity, the customer identifies key super users in each department. This ensures coverage and training of all direct, indirect and backup users. More importantly, it empowers the core/champion team ownership of the application and transition of knowledge to counterpart as per the ownership of activity and process defined in the application. 

The process involves the implementation team imparting application knowledge training to the core / champion identified and participating as part of the implementation. It is now the responsibility of this core team (Super Users) to ensure the staffs are equipped with adequate level of knowledge. 

Fusion Practices provides 2 modes of trainings as mentioned below: 

  • Workshop Sessions (Product Demos – PD0, PD1, PD2) – for key super users 
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions – for all users 

The Training documents are provided in two formats: 

  • Training Manuals – PDF and word 
  • Training Videos 

Functional Overview Training (First-Cut Training) 

Initially, the designated customer team (IT Team/Super users/Project Team) undergoes functional overview training in relevant Oracle modules being implemented. This is achieved through various product demo sessions conducted during multiple iterations. 

Hands-On Training – User Training  

Detailed training on the system is provided to the members of the core team. The training is provided before User Accepted Testing (UAT) stage where almost 95% of requirements are frozen. Final Acceptance testing & based on which any changes in the system is identified. 

Walk Through – Key User Training (Train the Trainer Approach) 

A run-through (overview) of the final integrated Oracle system is given after the completion of Production Transition stage (Production set-up). 

Fusion Practices continuously improves upon its mechanism of providing training and provides the right knowledge structure tailored to fit the customer’s teams.   

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