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Sep 9, 2022

Transition is the first and one of the most crucial phases of the engagement with the customer, and for the support program, it is the vehicle for moving to a Managed Services model.  Effective transition of knowledge and services is essential for the success of subsequent phases of steady-state support and transformation.  

Fusion Practices Managed Services has built processes and methodologies for the transition of cloud services that are extensively re-used but never force-fitted into any client engagement. Backed by this proven methodology, Fusion Practices Managed Services (FPMS) has a transition model that enables quick transition of applications and related services optimally using our and the Customer’s resources, while ensuring that the risk of sub-optimal knowledge and services transition is minimized.

Our transition objectives and their Solution Attributes are highlighted below: 

  1. Robust Governance 

Solution Attributes: 

  • Establishment of an effective Governance Model (Transition Management Office) to manage transition and escalation procedures. 
  • Periodic touchpoints to assess the progress of Transition 
  • Collaborate with the customer for synchronized communication to all impacted stakeholders 
  1. De-Risked Transition 

Solution Attributes: 

  • Dedicated Transition Manager and Transition Management Office. 
  • Robust transition methodology with gating criteria at each milestone. 
  1. Effective Knowledge Transfer 

Solution Attributes: 

  • Strong focus on sharing an understanding of the processes via documentation and reverse Knowledge Transfer 
  • Detailed transition planning to ensure right amount of time is devoted to service transition 
  • Transition occurring by modules to ensure proper utilization of SME effort. 
  1. Minimize disruption to customer’s business and operations 

Solution Attributes: 

  • Plan scheduling issues with the customer during Transition Planning. 
  • While planning, account for peak periods and in-flight projects/enhancements. 
  1. Efficient, seamless, and cost-effective transition 

Solution Attributes: 

  • Address all aspects of transition through a multi-track approach. 
  • Appropriate levels of staffing and optimal onsite/offshore ratio. 
  1. Demonstration of progress 

Solution Attributes

  • Well-defined metrics and acceptance criteria for each transition stage. 
  • Clear demonstration of knowledge transfer through reverse presentations and playback sessions. 
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Deliverables  Content Owner  Review/Sign Off  
Transition Plan The transition plan has the details of all the transition activities, activity owner, dependencies, and timelines.  Fusion Practices Service Manager  Customer Support Head  
Determine template for weekly status report Determining the template for Weekly Status on the progress of transition  Fusion Practices Service Manager  Customer Support Head  
Infrastructure Setup Configuring the network access and Oracle instance (DEV/TEST/PROD) for Fusion Practices support team  Customer IT    
Configuration Workbook Existing configuration workbooks  Customer Support Team     
Solution Design Document Existing solution design document for all the modules/offerings implemented  Customer Support Team     
Key Design Decisions Any documents related to the key design items like chart of account, enterprise structure etc. This helps Fusion Practices Managed Services support team to ensure modifications to the existing functionality is in-line with the decisions taken earlier  Customer Support Team    
Training Manuals Existing training material used for training the new users or the training material used at the time of go-live. This helps Fusion Practices support team in understanding the business processes  Customer Support Team    
Transition Workshops Knowledge sharing sessions with Customer SMEs/existing support team  Customer SMEs/Support Team    
Playback Sessions Sessions to explain the understanding of Customer business processes, open issues, key stakeholders etc.  Fusion Practices Support Team  Customer SMEs  
Finalized service level agreements and steady state support plan Finalized service level agreements and steady state support plan  Fusion Practices Service Manager  Customer Support Head  
Steady state support process Incident workflow is followed post shadow support   Fusion Practices Service Manager  Customer Support Head  
Application Information Document Document explaining the high-level business processes, enterprise structure, handover topics covered, document locations etc.   Fusion Practices Support Team  Customer SMEs  
Weekly Status Report Weekly Status on the progress of transition (Deliverables, Review progress, Reverse KT progress)  Fusion Practices Service Manager  Customer Support Head  
Open Incidents List of incidents open to be provided at the time of handover. This is to ensure continued support to business without any disruption of degradation in service due to transition  Customer Support Team  Fusion Practices Support Team  
Open Service requests with Oracle List of service requests open with Oracle to be provided at the time of handover. This is to ensure issues are well understood by Fusion Practices support team and can follow up with Oracle to provide resolution  Customer Support Team  Fusion Practices Support Team  

A partner like Fusion Practices will help you focus on your business core activities while taking care of IT support and management and drive significant cost saving strategies – Know more about our Managed Support Services here.

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