How does Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) help organisations improve efficiency

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May 22, 2021

How Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) helps organisations improve efficiency

ORMB not only offers businesses the flexibility to grow but also provides them with a platform to compete.

Introduction to cloud computing

Cloud computing is a model for on-demand computing services that can be shared among various configurable services that include servers, storages, and applications. Cloud computing has become the ideal way to provide business applications and the preferred solution for companies to innovate and expand their infrastructure.


What are the major characteristics of cloud computing?

  • On-demand self-service: Users can automatically provide computing functions on one side, such as server time and network storage, without manual interaction with each service provider.
  • Extensive network access: These functions can be used over the network, and can also be used through standard mechanisms for ease of use. Using thin or thick heterogeneous client platforms (for example, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and workstations), the computing resources of resource providers are pooled to serve multiple consumers. The multi-tenant model is used in conjunction with various physical and virtual resources, and these resources can be dynamically allocated and reallocated according to customer requirements.
  • Location Independence: In a sense, location independence means that the client usually cannot control or understand the exact location of the provided resource, but can specify the location at a higher level of abstraction (such as country, state, or data center). Examples of resources are storage, processing, storage, and network bandwidth.
  • Fast and flexible: The container can be released elastically, and in some cases can be automatically released so that it can expand and contract quickly when necessary.
  • The power available to consumers usually seems to be unlimited, and any amount can be allocated at any time.

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Advancement of ORMB into cloud computing

Cloud computing is one of the most trending topics in every organisation There are various trends that are driving companies from all walks of life to use the cloud. For most companies, the present way of doing business may not offer the flexibility to grow or provide a platform to compete. Digital businesses are raising the cost and complexity of data center storage to new levels, requiring IT professionals to provide new skills and analysis. Modern cloud solutions can help companies meet the challenges of the digital age. They can react quickly to more complex and rapidly changing business environments.

  • Simplified and unified operations ability.
  • Leveraging of smart insights for business processes.
  • Build in networking abilities that helps in communication between two parties.
  • Innovation through cloud data services that will provide different innovative solutions for business problems.
  • ORMB in cloud services provides trust to the organization by removing the issues faced by IT professionals.

Features of ORMB in cloud services

  • Undertaking data frameworks involves a series of frames that requires storing of information, which can vary in complexity, and then access the information inside which helps in smooth sailing of data transfer between different processes and also different devices.
  • It consists of a shared application which is used to integrate information that can help in viewing similar datasets. You can access it anytime, anywhere with your smart device. This is useful when faculty and staff need adaptability to measurements in the light of an operation plan.
  • Receive automatic updates to the software, reducing costs associated with new deliveries.
  • Provides capacity that reduces costs by familiarizing you with new processes in your business.
  • It has no permit cost that are required for various data management services and reduces the cost of protection.
  • Allows a huge combination of different utilities, providing stable structural functionality.
  • Despite the development of large amounts of data, it makes complex adjustments.
  • Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a web bolt resolved by bundles and master management for doing cloud business. Oracle ERP helps you set up a five-star answer to your business needs. The cloud framework uses partner features to help you set the best solution for your business venture’s prerequisites.
  • Makes the cloud bundle soft and easy to use. It has a basic, self-developed feel that helps you complete big business functions faster and with less difficulty.

Author: Vidhya Venugopal is a Functional Consultant with Fusion Practices

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