Why Fusion Practices is your ideal Oracle SCM Cloud implementation partner?

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Jul 4, 2022

At Fusion Practices, we not only believe in delivering a technical solution, rather than a complete transformation to adopt all the benefits that a Cloud Platform brings we believe that true adoption of an Oracle Cloud platform is what drives ROI. Combining our strong understanding of business processes and introducing innovation underpins all of the solutions we deliver.  

A recent client quote: “Their team have been exceptional in providing innovative solutions around the group’s expense management process, removing all paperwork by fully automating the expense claim processes” 

Who are we? 

Established in 2009 in London, UK, we have a team of x150 of our own consultants who have delivered multiple Cloud transformation programmes to our clients. We do this by first understanding the impact of the manual process bottlenecks that exist in inventory & procurement, finance departments, as well as legacy systems. Then we work with users to demonstrate how the Oracle Cloud platform can eliminate a majority of these and how to re-map processes to get the best adoption of the innovative technology that exists today.

What do we offer? 

  1. Your local partner and “One stop shop” for your Procurement and Inventory processes using Oracle Cloud ERP. 
  1. Comprehensive expertise in delivering Oracle Cloud solutions for last 11 years with deep knowledge and understanding of localisations required in Europe. Our team have delivered over 300+ Oracle Cloud Transformation Projects, across multiple countries. 
  1. Our staff has a strong knowledge of the custom components and understanding of the need to simplify and rationalise the process and system architecture. 
  1. We are currently working with several large financial services organisations across Europe and UAE to improve their Finance and HR operations. Some of our recent achievements are listed below: 
  • We have successfully rolled out Oracle Cloud P2P across eight European countries for one of the world’s largest banks with $3.1billion in assets.
  • We delivered Oracle Cloud Procurement at a leading pension insurer in the UK with over $70 billion in assets. 
  • We have made an on-track delivery at one of UAE’s oldest privately owned banks for IFRS17 compliance on Oracle Financials 
  • We delivered integration, ERP consolidation and data strategy for M&A at a leading Mutual insurer having $150 billion under assets 
  1. We have strong knowledge and understanding of: 
  • Oracle Cloud Procurement and Supply Chain Management platforms.  
  • We employ a strong pool of Supply Chain Management & P2P domain specialists who are also Oracle Certified consultants. 
  • The governance processes in a supply chain function. 
  • Audit requirements and design principles to deliver a robust solution. 
  1. Our wholly owned subsidiary (https://apps2fusion.com) is primarily an Oracle Fusion Cloud training business that has trained over 15,000+ people in the last 10 years and has a library of 500+ courses & 2400+ knowledge articles. This gives us access to a global support model with large pool of subject matter experts.  
  1. Our expert team of trainers will be engaged to empower customer’s IT and business users with the right skillsets that will make them proficient in Oracle Fusion Cloud. This will deliver a high level of adoption of the system, and the customer will be kept up to date with the fast-moving future functionality of Oracle Fusion Cloud.   
  1. Our methodologies are designed with direction from key industry groups, such as Project Management Institute and the office of Government Commerce, and we will apply these best practices for our customers. 
  1. We offer a complete ongoing support and maintenance service which includes our own   CloudTestMate Service that delivers instant quarterly regression automated testing across Inventory, Procurement, HCM, ERP. The outcome is that this rapidly (within hours) identifies and de-risks potential business process or system failures that could potentially result from quarterly upgrades. Our clients tell us that the business outcome it provides is the security of a guaranteed on-going service that eliminates risk of any future failures, as well as significant gains in efficiency around this critical process. 

Key Differentiators 

The diagram below summarises our key differentiators and dynamic value addition by Fusion Practices. 


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