Fusion Practices implements end-to-end solution frameworks, powered by Oracle Revenue Management & Billing (ORMB) solution that helps to provide smart pricing, reduce revenue leakage and automated conventional manual processes.

End-to-end billing transformation through ORMB.

Missing revenue opportunities? Capture it through ORMB.

Cloud-based computing through ORMB.

Delinquency management

Management of debt

Multicurrency features

Receive payment or bill in any currency

Revenue leakages

Ensure you bill for everything you sell

Approval workflows

Automation to ensure proper involvement

End-to-end Customer Billing

Tracks customer journey

What is ORMB?

Oracle Revenue Management and Billing (ORMB) is a robust, flexible solution that meets today’s pricing and billing challenges. It is a one-stop solution that helps businesses to:

  • 9Ensure better revenue management (captures all the revenue opportunities)
  • 9Formulate better, smarter pricing strategies
  • 9Maximize efficiency of the billing process with the inclusion of a robust billing calculation engine

How can it benefit your business?

Providing dynamic pricing and fee structures

Reducing processing errors

Greater transparency in the billing segments

Lesser revenue leakages and a greater impact on the profitability

Custom billing and pricing management

Management of end-to-end lifecycle of deals with different hierarchies

The Fusion Practices Advantage

  • ZDedicated team with center of excellence for ORMB
  • ZIn-depth knowledge of ORMB
  • ZFPL and Oracle partnership
  • ZPre-integrated solutions
  • ZDemo of the product implementation available on demand

What is our ORMB service?

  • ZConfiguration of automated workflows to replace existing manual tasks .
  • ZImplement your billing rules and upskill your users.
  • ZImplement robust business flows for billing
  • ZDeliver target state Centralized pricing engine & rules

Why should your business use our ORMB services?

  • ZOur experience in integrating with Oracle Cloud ERP and ORMB
  • ZImplement & integrate automated revenue accounting rules with GL
  • ZImplement and provide knowledge on industry standard validations
  • ZUnparalleled experience working with Oracle’s ORMB solution

Challenges that ORMB can solve


Manual effort and key person dependencies using spreadsheets

Customers need flexibility to create and change billing scenarios

Revenue Leakage through collections

Maintenance of Pricing rules in various systems​

Integration challenges with various systems​

Regulatory requirement for auditing and compliance

Higher risk of errors due to manual checks


Automate the process so that people can focus on more value adding activities​

Highly configurable rule engine for custom billing scenarios

Centralized control / decentralized execution

Analytics-driven parameters for tailored customer-centric pricing

Faster time-to-market with cloud capability​

Revenue accounting and subledger system

Automated validations and reporting to show discrepancies

Team Expertise


Upgrading older versions


Demo and POC setup

Migration to cloud

Integration with ERP