Fusion Practices’ Data Hub Platform – Demo

This demo will focus on the importance of a Data Hub, its features and how it can be integrated with your existing platforms.


Clients who have trusted us

Why should your business use our Data Hub services?

Provides integration services

  • Pull data from multiple source systems into one place
  • Transforms the data in a central place
  • System to system automation
  • Enables data to be sent to cloud-based systems that cannot call the data itself

Reporting solutions

  • Ability to create self-service reports 
  • Query data historically and with greater flexibility  
  • Data available in structure and shape required with the right permissions
  • Data more accessible enabling analysis for more effective decision-making

Publishes data services

  • Ability to call data automatically 
  • Can reduce the number of manual processes and spreadsheets because no longer needs to be manually requested or inputted

Data quality checking

  • Can add data quality rules and transform the data
  • Preparation of data
  • Ability to replace the manual checks currently done in Excel.


Anil Passi, Director

An experienced enterprise architect specialising in financial services, Anil has over 20 years of experience in financial transformation, actuarial transformation, and training and implementation in mainland Europe. He is also a veteran Oracle ACE who has authored several books with Oracle Press. At Fusion Practices, Anil and his team of experts guide several large organisations through their transition from legacy systems to Oracle ERP Cloud and digital platforms.

Ankush Shinde

Ankush is highly Skilled and experienced Data Architect and Analyst working on IT Projects with Oracle and Azure Cloud technology based Development. He is very proficient in Leading Data Migration Strategy, Data Architect, Data Work stream lead, Data Conversion, MIS Reporting, Business Analysis, Solution Design with Managing projects.

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