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Developing a business case

Guidelines, templates, formats, and best practices

Developing a business case

Developing comprehensive business case that charts out the project roadmap and paints a clear vision of the results is the first step in any project. This is even more important if multiple stakeholders are involved. Our expert, Helen Winter, deconstructs the process of defining a business case in easy-to-understand steps.

You will also learn about tools and techniques that will help you identify and seek relevant data.

Topics covered in this video include

  • Typical challenges in writing a business case 

  • Structuring 

  • Identifying the scope 

  • Defining problem statements 

  • Level of detailing 

  • Formats and Templates 

  • Relevance of the context diagram 

  • Benefits Summary 

At the end of this video, you will

Understand the various steps in developing a holistic business case

Write compelling cause and consequence scenarios with just the right level of details to engage decision-makers

Present a clear cost benefit and risks benefit analysis 

Detail the implementation challenges, responsibilities, and delivery deadlines and timelines

About Helen Winter

An experienced project manager with a background in business architecture, Helen has led large transformation programmes to execute delivery along with strategic business outcomes. A business author with Kogan Page, her first book was shortlisted for two major industry awards.

Helen presently manages several teams for one of the end clients to implement Microsoft Azure data hub. Her expertise includes building business cases, shaping projects, facilitating workshops, providing direction and approach, and ensuring the right budget and resources.