Workforce/Field Services

Workforce/Field Services

by Rochelle Cunningham



Workforce/Field Services Management (WFM) helps you manage your workforce efficiently by assigning tasks and responsibilities based on roles, skills and expertise of staff thereby boosting productivity. Security of employees is enhanced profoundly by the built-in real-time location tracking system.

With BusinessProcessNow’s intelligent Workforce/Field Service Management tool, you can connect your technicians with your backoffice in real time. The feature works offline so even if the agent can’t access the Internet when they are on site,they can still key in information and it will get synced,once they are reconnected to the internet.


Define Workflow and Assign Workforce

Manage your entire workflow and allocate activities to workforce based on skills and capabilities

Automatic Scheduler

Time based task scheduler based on predefined set of rules

Timesheet Manager

Staff can easily update their timesheet on an hourly basis to keep a tab on their activities

Real Time Location Tracker

With GPS based tracking system within the workforce module, you will be up to date with the whereabouts of your employees at any given point in time

Offline Work Mode

The platform works offline so even if the agent can’t access the Internet when they are on site,they can still key in information which will get synced once a connection is re-established

Integrated Google Maps & ‘Nearby’

Track and assign a location to a task with integrated google maps. Find out options or stores near you, see existing service requests to avoid duplication using the ‘nearby’ option

Define SLA for tasks

SLA’s can be defined for the tasks and emails/notifications can be configured when SLA’s are not met.

Unique Features

Mobile Manager

This feature allows you to manage and assign tasks to members of your alignment on the go and monitor them. It is primarily used by managers who manage onsite employees. The manager can assign tasks to onsite employees and monitor status. The employees will get a list of tasks assigned to them and they can enter and submit required data against and mark of their list while on the job.

This feature will provide complete details of questions/answers, notes, status, history, location, tasks etc under a single view. The Manager can assign, update, monitor location and status etc for all the tasks assigned to his subordinates and also create rules for auto routing of tasks based on defined parameters

Quick Worker

This feature provides all the fields which are required for the employees to complete activity within a very short span of time. They can capture customer information like personal details, documents, selfie or photographs etc using the mobile app and submit it in no time. The feature allows them to submit as many forms as they may want and update status as done against the assigned task.

Lone Worker

This is a smart security feature that triggers alarms or automatically generates help calls if there is a safety concern raised or detected with the systems shift tracker. The onsite employee will be given access to ‘Lone Worker’ while they are on site and they need to just trigger the alarm if they require any assistance while on the job. This creates a sense of safety and comfort for the employees knowing that they are being protected although they are outside office.

Mobile Worker

This feature is mainly developed for the usage of onsite executives. Using the mobile app, the onsite executives can easily find the tasks assigned to them with a detailed notes on execution. The customised forms are made available to them enabling them to gather all the information which is required to be collected from the customer/client.Using this feature, the executives can complete their task in no time and update the status against the task. They also have the facility to connect with their managers instantly if there is any escalations or intervention required to complete the task/activity.

Some of the verticals where Workforce is ideal for

  • Track Bank Agents – Track your Bank Agents when they are out on the field.
  • Assign Tasks to Agents – Assign tasks to agents depending on where they are and based on their skill-set.
  • Quick Work Access- The agent can capture all the data quickly by uploading necessary data such as Name,Document Pictures etc.
Delivery Sectors
  • Offline Worker – The agent can key in data even when he is offline to keep his schedule up to date all the time.
  • Assign Tasks – Assign Tasks to Agents based out of their close proximity to the delivery area.
Healthcare sectors
  • Track Onsite Healthcare Agents – Track House-visiting Nurses/Doctors when they visit the patient.
  • Lone Worker for Agents – Track agents and allow then to make use of safety and security features when they are in need of help by using SOS which alerts the organization that the employee is in need of help or is facing problems related to safety.
  • Quick Access to Agents – On-site agents can have quick access to data and scheduled jobs.
  • Assign tasks – Managers can assign tasks to onsite agents based on their strong suit and the area.

Workforce is best suited to be used by persons with the following Roles

Delivery Agents ( in any industry)
On-site Engineers
House Nurses/Doctors
Bank Agents
Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!