Fusion Cloud Data Migration

Fusion Cloud Data Migration

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In order to handle major roadblocks and ensure a smooth trajectory for process optimization, a well-structured cloud migration strategy is imperative. Our Data Migration Experts at Fusion Practices will be your best guide to help you in assessing, optimising, planning and implementing data transfer to a new Oracle system. Our consultants help you in rapidly migrating your existing setups, master data and open transactions making your go live on Oracle Cloud Applications to become much faster, less expensive and successful. Our experts can provide better tuning and load-balancing to get the best from legacy systems. At Fusion Practices we deliver an excellent Data Migration Packaged Service, which includes :

  • Data Extraction Service
  • Data Transformation services
  • Data Validation and loading into target systems
  • Data Reconciliation Services

The problem of data and applications coexistence is taken care with ease and elegance with ifusion. FP addresses complexities and risks such as: limited downtime window, large data volumes, complex data reconciliations, short project durations and constrained business involvement.

FP active participation could help streamline the migration process, in turn providing comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for Oracle applications with its range of tools and offerings for the Oracle cloud.

FP automates the following processes:

  • Capturing the application server physical configuration
  • Protecting the application data
  • Provisioning the cloud instance and storage
  • Restoring the data
  • Validating the restore
  • Continuously applying changes from the production database backups to the migrated database