Service Desk

Service Desk

by Rochelle Cunningham

BPN Service Desk

BPN’s Service Desk module is built to assist in boosting your organisations working potential as we are certain,it will be at your service at all times!

Our dynamic multilingual ‘Service Desk’ module serves as the main channel of communication between the company and their employees or customers to receive, monitor, track, approve and resolve service requests.

The intention of using a virtual Service Desk is to serve as the foremost point of contact for addressing user concerns, complaints, requests, data gathering, case management, queue monitoring, incident ownership etc. This module is completely customisable and you can easily configure any form that you may require in just no time!It utilizes technology to virtually aid the business from any location across the globe round the clock.

You can easily define custom Lifecycles and its stages as well Rules based on Organisational Policies and SLA’s. You can set SLA’s and KPI’s to the forms based on priority and define rules for workflow and auto-escalations.

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Create and Integrate Knowledge base
Create knowledge base which can be used as a training material and also as a help centre for your staff or your customers. Adding articles can be made easy, where anyone in the team can do a write-up and add it to the Knowledge Search Module, once approved by the manager it can be published.


Add notes and print feature
Easily add public, internal and private notes and print forms for further processing.


Self-Service Portal
Allows the staff or customer to complete his/her activity by going through the self-service portal all by themselves using platform or mobile app or with the help of chat bots


Dynamic Forms
Design forms using Drag and Drop once, configure within Tabs, publish Metadata and forms will be available across all the channels for end users to input data.


This feature displays various defined KPIs and parameters in the form of graphs and charts to measure the performance with self explanatory visuals.


Define and Monitor SLA & KPI’s
Define SLA and KPI for team members, apply them based on the conditions and then track metrics down to the minute


Native Mobile Apps
Allows customers to submit service requests, track status, add notes, view tabs etc configured by the administrator


Our Service Desk has the unique feature :- auto-escalation of requests to a higher level authority based on rules which could include response time, priority etc


Auto Conversion of Request to a case
Auto conversion of service request into a case based on defined set of rules


Payment Gateway Integration
Integrate payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal using web and mobile


Multiple Plugins
Easily choose from our list of Plugins and incorporate them into the forms such as File Upload, Web Service Plugin, Location Picker, Payment Gateway etc.


Integrated Google Maps & ‘Nearby’
Track and assign a location to a task with integrated google maps. Find out options or stores near you, see existing service requests to avoid duplication using the ‘nearby’ option


WMS Feed
Overlay layers on Google map using WMS feed


Embed maps to your website and display service requests based on pre-configured filters


Some of the verticals where Service Desk is ideal for


  • Employee On-boarding
  • Leave Management
  • Travel Management
  • Expense Management
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Employee HelpDesk
  • Customer Service HelpDesk
  • Finance Management
  • Asset Management
  • Sales Management
  • Contracts Management etc

Schools and Colleges

  • Admission form submission by parents
  • Project submission by students
  • Attendance Management
  • Travel Management
  • Leave Management
  • Expense Management
  • Results Management
  • Broadcast and Notifications Management etc


  • Doctor Appointment Management
  • Patient History Records
  • Patient Admissions
  • Staff leave Management
  • Expense Management
  • Payments, Reimbursements
  • Alerts and Notifications to Doctors and Patients
  • Vendor Management etc

Insurance Companies

  • Application Form Submission
  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Payments
  • Claim Form Submission
  • Reimbursements etc

Field Service Companies etc

  • Appointments Management
  • Customer Data Gathering
  • Sales Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Leave Management
  • Travel Management
  • Reimbursements, Payments etc

Service Desk is best suited to be used by persons with the following Roles


Executives & Managers
HR Staff
Field Service Technicians
Procurement Agents
Delivery Agents
School Staff
Hospital Staff
Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!