Public Issues Management

Public Issues Management

by Rochelle Cunningham

Public Issues Management


BPN’s ‘Public Issues Management’ module is apt for government agencies or councils or charitable organisations who provide various services to the civilians or members of the community.

Citizens can raise concerns by just submitting service requests’ on our portal and the issue gets escalated to the right concerned authority for the next course of action. The citizen can monitor the progress at the comfort of his home and track the request until the status changes to resolved. Constant alerts, notifications and reminders are sent to both the citizen and the official about the service request until closure.


Features that Public Issue Management offers


Define workflow for the said activity with detailed list of tasks involved


Based on the workflow, assign task to team members and schedule each task. Displays notifications and set alerts for activities

Report Issues

Reporting an issue is just a click away! Users can easily report any issue related to “Public Services” (ex: Report Graffiti, Broken street lights, waste collection, paving issues, damage sign, fallen trees, manhole cover, dead animal on road, dog fouling, potholes, flooded drain etc)

Real Time Activity Update

Allows staff to mark the status of the tasks assigned to them giving a real time update of all the tasks and activities

Effort Monitoring

The system can generate detailed reports on time and effort put in by team members to manage workforce efficiently

Real-Time Location Mapping

Users can choose their live location to report a particular issue which then can be used by the respective department to track the location and fix the problem

Rule Based Routing

Issues can be routed to the relevant departments based on the predefined rules, roles and conditions

Track Reported Issue Status

Users can track the status of the reported issues and monitor progress to know by when the problem would be resolved

Integrated Google Maps & ‘Nearby’

Track and assign location to a task with integrated google maps. Find out options or stores near you, see existing service requests to avoid duplication using the ‘nearby’ option

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrate any payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal

This module is built specifically for the Government.

  • Efficient Management of Waste

BPN’s ‘Waste Management’ module allows the municipality to plan and schedule waste collection including segregation of waste. Citizens and officials can track Garbage Collection Vehicles so that disposal is as per schedule.

  • Public Transport Management

BPN ‘Transport’ module allows authorities to create various ‘ServiceRequests’ forms for citizens to be able to report potholes, street lights which are not functional, blocked roads, illicit graffiti, dirty public transport etc.

  • Power/Electricity Management

Authorities can plan and schedule power supply and power cuts across various areas/wards.Citizens will be updated about the same.Citizens can also report any complaints they face regarding power supply like transformer outburst, continuous power cut, open wires on the road.

  • Water Supply Management

Efficiently Manage Water Supply to various areas/wards and solve any requests raised by citizens regarding Water. Citizens can report issues related to water supply like shortage of supply, no supply at all, breakage of pipes, motor or pumps not working etc

  • Social Justice and Empowerment Management

BPN allows social welfare authorities to manage staff and activities. Senior citizens or eye witnesses can  report harassment,lack of facilities, lack of staff, poor quality food etc using our portal. Such reported issues get routed to the concerned authority and the action they take can be monitored and tracked until closure of the issue

  • Education Management

Students/Parents can report hygiene issues, safety issues, seat allotment issues, shortage of staff, poor quality food, lack of baby-care facilities etc. on our portal and the same gets routed to the education department officials. The performance of the school and teachers can also be monitored based on the defined set of rules.

Public Issues Management is best suited for following Roles

  •    Citizens
  •    Students/Teachers/School Staff
  •    District Collectors
  •    Ministers
  •    Police and Head of Police
  •    Government Employees
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!
Public Issue Management