Project Management

Project Management

by Rochelle Cunningham

Project Management


BusinessProcessNow’s ‘Project Management’ curates all that you would  require to effectively manage a project under a single platform right from the phase of  initiation until closing of the project which would include planning, executing, controlling and closing the work  in order to achieve the set goals.

This module is a combination of various others modules put together to ensure that you have all that you may require to run a project.


Add & Manage Leaving

Add multiple projects and monitor progress under a single view.

Define & Allocate Project Based Tasks

A Define tasks and subtasks under each project and easily allocate tasks to team members based on their skills and areas of expertise.

Auto-Assign and Auto-Route

Auto assign and auto route tasks to team members based on predefined set of rules.

Track real-time task progress

Track the progress of each task under respective projects and learn the real time status/progress of tasks.

Analyse Team’s Performance

Analyse the team’s performance based on the allocated tasks and their progress

Define and Monitor SLA & KPI’s

Define SLA and KPI for team members, apply them based on the conditions and then track metrics down to the minute

Email, SMS and Push Notification Service

Respond to the staff or customer through emails and SMS and schedule broadcast messages

Multichannel Role Based Approvals

Powerful approval configuration engine that allows you to configure approval based on hierarchy, role and various other parameters using web and mobile. Define priority, status, owner etc for each task and monitor status until closure

Create Project Based Service Requests

Raise project based Service Requests and monitor real-time progress and status.

Role Based Access Control

Multiple roles can be defined and assigned to a user and access permissions can be defined on various objects such as catalogue, form, item and tabs which works across the web and mobile platform

Native Mobile Apps

Allows customers to submit service requests, track status, add notes, view tabs etc configured by the administrator

Automated Chatbots

They act as a first point of contact for many of your customers, employees or clients. The responses of the chatbots are highly customisable and can also be personalised based on the business requirements


Define People and Users within the application and assign Roles to them that have been predefined in your system library based on your requirements. Create User Groups based on User Function, Alignment or Business Processes

Project Management Queue
Project Management Project Details
Project Management Project Details Cont