Enterprise Chatbot

Enterprise Chatbot

by Rochelle Cunningham


The most common definition for a chatbot would be that it is a computer program or artificial intelligence chatbot which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test.(excerpt taken from wikipedia). Chatbots used in enterprises are called Enterprise Chatbots.

But the term chatbot that we so commonly use today was coined by Michael Mauldin and that too in the year 1994 to describe conversational programs. So if we go by that then chatbots have been around for quite some time but we are making them better only since recently.

To put it in simpler more comprehensible words a chatbot is a piece of software that is designed to simulate human conversation and it is often powered by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots though commonly thought of as many can be broadly classified into two types

  • Chatbot that functions based on a set of rule
  • Chatbot that uses machine learning

Chatbots That Function Based On Rules

The chatbot which functions based on a set of rules is highly limited in nature. The response rate is low and very specific being able to respond only to what and how it was initially programmed. If you happen to say something wrong, or even if it correct but it doesn’t understand your accent, it has no idea what you mean by that. This type of chatbot will never get smarter and it is only as smart as it was when it was initially programmed.

Chatbots That Function Based On Machine Learning

The chatbot which functions using machine learning as the name suggests makes use of machine learning. It can be said to have a brain, an artificial brain which when commonly spoken about is referred to as artificial intelligence. This allows your descriptions to be broad eliminating the need of being exact to the point. It can comprehend languages and is not specific to only commands. This type of chatbot gets smarter as it keeps conversing with people, learning through that process, so that it is not stagnant and keeps getting smarter than when it was initially programmed.

Benefits Of Chatbots

Gartner prediction states that 85% of customer interaction will be managed without a human. So, this obviously means that if you still believe chatbots are not the fastest growing thing and aren’t catching up, you are wrong and need to change your perception.

Now the question arises as to how are chatbots becoming the centre of attention? Let us remind you how by broadly showcasing the advantages of chatbots.

Maintaining Personalisation

Ability to reach a lot of people but still feel personal

Chatbots empower brands to reach millions of users concurrently, while still maintaining a personalized feel by allowing users to decide inputs and participate in conversation applicable to their distinct interests and demographics.

New Way To Communicate

Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry and this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers/employees.

No Extra App To Download

When you as an employee or customer make use of a chatbot you need not download any new app, as the chatbot is designed to work seamlessly within the app. With no new app needed to be downloaded it means that is there is no need to create a new account and the most important thing that we just cannot avoid mentioning is, there is no new user interface to learn.

Service Around The Clock

Chatbots have the ability to be available around the clock ( 24 hours) no matter which time zone you are in, servicing instantly while still giving accurate up to date information.

Minimize The Waiting Time

Waiting on hold could take a long long time till you get connected with the human representative, a chatbot could split that time down, just by chatting with the bot. This holds the advantage that all the data is recorded and can be used whenever there is a need to reference anything.

Avoid Planning

Chatbots could help customers/employees to steer clear of tiresome planning and simplify much sought after and dedicated aspects while boosting businesses by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ease Of Access Due To Internet And Mobile Phones

Chatbots being able to be integrated onto mobiles and with the capability to penetrate the internet, both which are vastly made use of today, make it an ideal tool. This has led to an increase of people using messenger apps to such an extent that is almost double times that of people making use of social networks.

Why You Should Make Use Of A Chatbot

With chatbots, there is hope that businesses, clients, employees and customers attention will be open and they will be keen on investigating to see if chatbots could make things happen for them.

Chatbots will do well because there is a decline in mobile apps being downloaded. And even with the apps being downloaded, people don’t make use of the app or at least not often. In fact, a quarter of those apps never get used after the first use.

Really knowing and captivating your customers isn’t only a customer service challenge, it’s a data challenge. Chatbots can accomplish both, offering up to the mark customer service and being able to keep and track data that can be visited whenever needed.

Chatbots can be used to qualify traffic further allowing it to be segmented and then directing target web traffic towards the desired location to convert them into leads.

Chatbots can be used to engage with the customers at any time from any location around the world regardless if it’s day or night in that location.

Gaining insights on customers is more important than it seems. If you know who is your customer and his/her likes and dislikes it can be a huge advantage to you. You can provide them with personalized recommendations based on their likes. Chatbots can second you getting to know who the customer is.

Scrutinizing the webpage to find the place which processes payment and then filling up the details can be a lot of work and in most scenarios a loss of time. Payments can be made via the chatbot which would effectively reduce the time lost in the process of searching for the payment section and filling in all the details.

Since the chatbot isn’t an app itself but instead is embedded into an app, it acts as the first point of communication between the business and customer. Due to the ease of using the website through a chatbot, customers are more likely to return to the website more than once.

Most employees, clients and customers think that chatots are designed to be utilized during both textual and audio routes to be primarily focused on helping customers. But chatbots can also be developed to be dedicated wholly to onboarding.

How Does BPNs Chatbot Stand Apart

You must have heard of the phenomenon called ”six degrees of separation”.Well, make it half and in about just 3 degrees you accomplish the task from start to finish — with the help of our BusinessProcessNow CHATBOT!

Forever Scalable
Personalized Chatbot
Customization as a chief ingredient
24-hour customer support
Cost saving
Track and record customers/employee behaviour
Offline usage
Chatbot as a service
Transparency of the Chatbot

Forever Scalable

During world war II the first computer was built by Alan Turing. He gave the paper in 1950 and the paper opens with the lines ”I propose to consider the question”Can machines think?”This being the driving force for us, we have made our chatbot able to learn thereby making it scalable. This furnishes the power of always being on par with your business and so that you are never left behind, lending you a hand by removing the unnecessary added pressure of having to update the BusinessProcessNow.

Personalized Chatbot

Our Chatbot makes your life easy and saves you time. Like previously said, it can help you accomplish a task from start to finish.’’How?’’,you may ask. Reach out to your very own personalized chatbot and provide all the details in just one place prompted by the chatbot queries. And you are done!

The BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot bestows upon every user that it interacts with a completely unique and personalized experience.This experience though being personalized and having a feeling of a human touch to it is achieved through a completely automated chatbot.

Every aspect of the business is not alike and likewise, every person isn’t alike. Keeping this as the core thought, our chatbot is developed. Thus, the Chatbot uses style match technology, enhanced personalization and controlled tasks to help the users find what they want and get the answers they need.


Instead of searching and browsing through a website or a particular webpage, you can have the conversation with our builtin chatbot, mirroring the type of experience you would get when you are on the webpage.

Customization As A Chief Ingredient

Chatbots usually are the same, monotonous and always give the vibe of it being a robot programmed to mimic a human conversation. Well, we know the feeling that so many of you want to be able to customize your chatbot to suit your needs and the working ways of your business. This is why BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot is designed to be fully customizable to suit your needs and reduce the robot feeling and instead be more like your company and its first line representative.


71% of people use chatbots and many do so because they want their problem solved and they want it solved fast. Waiting in a queue can result in loss of time.BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot is designed to be highly personalized meaning it can cater to your needs at any time as well as to the specific needs of your customer/employee.

24 Hour Customer Support

Our chatbot will provide real-time assistance, offer interactive communication where you also ask questions to understand the real problem. With the speech to text capability, you can present rich content. This means that the chatbot will provide extensive customer assistance, always-available customer support and proactive customer interaction.

Cost Saving

Implementing a fully functioning chatbot is cheaper and faster than creating an app or hiring employees for each task. Since our chatbot is fully automated, it allows organizations to handle many customers simultaneously. By making use of the chatbot you will not only save on employee costs but you will also avoid the problems caused by human errors.

Track and Record Customer/Employee Behaviour

Chatbots are great tools to communicate with customers/employees. With the feedback they collect through simple questions, you can make improvements to the services/products.BAC can also be used to track customer/employee behaviour by monitoring user data. Monitoring user data helps a company to make vital decisions.

Offline Usage

We know that being offline and unable to update data is a big problem. We have attempted to solve this issue with our BusinessProcessNow and the ability of its chatbot to key in data even if offline and the data will be automatically updated when back online.

Chatbot As A Service

There are many chatbot platforms from many big enterprises, but, BPNs chatbot as a service (CaaS) being quick-witted, easier to converse with, and affordable for any portal, escalates customer experience by providing real-time assistance, and also auto replying to the user’s queries stands out.

Transparency Of The Chatbot

Processing any claim can be time-consuming and also expensive. Though chatbots can assist by automating this process, there is always a chance that the result may not be completely analyzable or transparent for the business. We at Fusion Practices have solved that by keeping our chatbot transparent enough, where you can see its limitations and if it’s been flagged for having given false outcome or predictions before.

90% of your success is helping your employee/customer and keeping them happy, and our Chatbot helps you can attain that success!

If you have been reading this article and were at any point wondering how or if you want to get your chatbot specially customized to your needs, and furthermore if you had come across any queries for us then do  Contact Us.