Case Management

Case Management

by Rochelle Cunningham

Case Management


Case Management in BPN serves as a tool for employees or customers to report, monitor and track the status of any reported case. The manager/company meanwhile can efficiently manage all the reported cases under a single window enabling them to take necessary resolution steps based on the priority and severity of the case to optimize the outcome for all concerned.


Features that Case Management module offers

Customisable Multilingual Case Request Forms

Create multilingual case request forms as per your business needs and processes with the various plugins available for configurations.

Link Multiple Requests or Tasks

You can create and link multiple service requests or tasks or even large documents to any case as supporting documents or related service requests/tasks

Role based Case Submission

Role based permissions allows one to submit cases  and access reported cases based on the rules defined for each role.

Pre-defined Ticket Actions

Use macros to react rapidly with predefined actions such as changing a case status, escalations, etc

Define Resolution Rules and Deviation Alerts

Each case follows a particular process. Define distinct rules for resolution, escalations and for any deviations which may occur during the handling of the case.

Rule based Allocation of Cases

Define rules for allocation of cases based on skills, ability, technical expertise, etc. Cases get escalated to the right agent/staff based on the defined set of rules.

Monitor Progress and Analyse Team’s Performance

Based on the defined SLA’s, monitor real time progress of each case and analyse the team’s performance. Be on top of cases which do not meet SLA for faster resolution process.

Dispute Management

Disputes are a major crisis faced by all businesses. With BPN Dispute Management,the manager can efficiently manage disputes by working in alliance between the team members involved and between the customer/company.

Easy Collaboration and Storage

Hold all your discussions, files, briefings, checklists and sheets in one location and say farewell to long conferences and lengthy email threads. Add documents, notes, images etc against each case.

View Interaction History

Whenever a customer raises a case request ,the business can access information about the customer who has raised the request and all interactions and history with the same customer or related to the case will be shown as supporting information.


Based on rules  defined for escalations, which could include response time, priority or customized rules according to the business process flow, cases are auto-escalated to the next level of authority.

Some of the Verticals where Case Management is ideal for

  • Insurance Policy Claims – Claim forms can be used to make quick, insurance claims
  • Insurance Underwriting Assessment – An automated Assessment can be used for the underwriting assessment rather than a manual underwriting
  • Annuity Payments – Payments can be made on time within the case management tool making use of the inbuilt payment gateway.
  • Dispute Management – This can be used to raise a dispute or to follow up on disputes which were raised within the company or between the company and the client.
  • Loan Claims/Mortgage – Claims for Loans or Mortgages can be made via the Case Management feature of BPN
  • Risk Checking – Risks can be assessed and risk score can be derived by integrating the “Risk Management” module with the case
  • Credit Card Claim – Claims for Lost credit card or misuse of credit card etc can be filed as a case.
  • Address Disputes – Address and Solve Disputes between the hospital employees and patients or within the hospital itself.
  • Shortage of Required Medical Staff – Raise concerns to inform about shortage of required medical staff at any moment.
  • Shortage of Medical Vehicles and Equipment in case of Emergencies – When is there is a shortage of medical vehicles or medical equipment raise a ticket to inform the authorized person.

BPN is not bound only to these sectors and can be used for any industry at anytime! There is no technical expertise required to use the BPN portal!

Case Management is best used by persons with the following roles

  •    IT Admin
  •    Case Manager
  •    Case Worker
  •    Business Analysts
  •    Business Manager
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Case Management based on Service Request Locations

Case Management Queue
Case Management - Service Requests based on Locations