BusinessProcessNow Comparative

BusinessProcessNow Comparative

by Rochelle Cunningham


Making an investment takes a great deal of thought and analysis. Our BusinessProcessNow being your front line tool definitely deserves a lot of inspection and scrutiny.

We at Fusion Practices completely support the idea of an assessment before a business decision is made. To facilitate your analysis we would like to take you through a couple of pointers about how we compare based on our observation of our competition available in the market as of today.

Who Do We Compare With?

There are many Service Desks and Case Management softwares available globally today, though the BusinessProcessNow is not only limited to being a service desk, it is important to understand how we differentiate from them. This article is going to provide a comparison between two popular service desks “Oracle Service Cloud”, “ServiceNow” and our “BusinessProcessNow”.

How Do We Compare?

Below listed is a comparison table. The table comprises of the following columns:

Capability – The feature that is being compared
Benefit –  How the compared capability will benefit your organisation
Oracle Service Cloud –  Indicator of whether Oracle Service Cloud provides the compared capability
ServiceNow –  Indicator of whether ServiceNow provides the compared capability
Business Innovation Platform – Indicator of whether the BusinessProcessNow provides the compared capability



Existent Nonexistent Partially Existent


1.Capability Benefit Oracle Service Cloud Service


Business Process Now
Cost Effective Licensing We are 80% cheaper than both Servicenow and Oracle Service CLoud.
ERP Integrated Supplier, Customer & HR Helpdesk We offer end to end Oracle ERP or any other legacy system integration bundled as a part of our service
ERP Integrated Timecards We offer a specialist time card app bundled into our platform that allows us to capture timesheets efficiently. Further, we can integrate these timecards from mobile app into your ERP system of choice and help you automate contractor cost accrual process
ERP Integrated Expense Management Our competitor’s mobile offerings do not offer this integration. When an employee raises an Expense Reimbursement request this is stored in the form of a ticket within our platform where the employee can monitor every stage of it with ease. This also makes it easier for the manager to keep a close tab on the needed analysis.

Through the automated ERP integration that the BPN boasts, this data can then be used to complete the tasks your ERP is required to perform for Expense Management.

2.Bidirectional Customer Facing Task Management Through the BPN, back and forth communication is supported.

Tasks can be assigned in response to a users request and all this will be systematically documented by the BPN at every stage. Facilitating historical transparency (viewable by authorised roles) of what happened at every stage of user interaction.

Chabot’s Integrated with ERP The BPNs Chatbot not only acts as a frontline assistant to your users but also uses robotic intelligence to an extent that it is capable of raising requests on behalf of the user either by chatting or converting the users voice to text .

Unbiased of languages, the BPN Chatbot supports all the languages Google supports.

It does not end there, post collecting the data it is capable of integrating that data with your ERP as well!

Inbuilt MDM Capability This facilitates high levels of security. Provisioning control and protection of data and configuration settings of all platforms and devices within the network. Hence most importantly reducing business risks and support costs.
Prebuilt Payment Gateway Integration The reason BPN comprises a prebuilt Payment Gateway is that we know the problems that can arise due to the lack of one.

With your own BPN Prebuilt Payment Gateway you can be assured of a Highly Secured Gateway, which is simple to integrate, facilitating fast and easy payments online.

Offline mobile capability The Lone Worker is a very unique feature to the BPN.

We are proud to provide a service that allows you to have your employees out in the field even in areas with no network coverage.

All your employees need to do is enter the data relevant to your preconfigured fields, though they are not on the network and once they connect back we automatically sync all that data back to the cloud, which will then follow the regular path that you have defined it to take.

Native Mobile App Capability Our Native Mobile Apps are configurable to your look and feel.

The speed of the Native Mobile App does not have to be constrained due to poor Internet speeds as the data can be stored on the app and synced back when good internet connection is available.

Field Service Management and Field Repairs Manage onsite service requests using Field Service Management by sending your employees on Field level Tasks.
Oracle PAAS/IAAS Hosted Solutions Our BPN is hosted on Oracle’s cloud, it helps not to be limited to supporting only SAAS, but also hosted on PAAS/IAAS solutions
Extensibility Our product allows extensions in the same ways as our competitor products
Integration All industry products can be integrated to your ERP. However, we can offer this integration as a bundled service.
Self Service BI Our BPN platform allows users to developer their own dashboards and reports
Contact Centre Contact Centre modules cover everything from IVRs, Queuing , Skill Set definitions, Verification modules, Interaction Documentation, Action listing etc.
Flexible Branding and Skinning Provision to customise your platform channels with your own desired themes and logos.
Email Centre Integration With Service Request Save time in unnecessary navigation by being able to send emails and connecting with social media through the platform itself.
Role Based Access Control Role Based Access Control allows you to determine what data and processes you want the various users in your organisation based on their roles to view and gain access to.
SAAS With the provision of Software As A Service, your software is bought as a subscription rather than being bought and installed on individual computers, hence providing a method of software delivery and licensing.
Knowledge Management Subject Matter experts feed articles into the Knowledge Management module, with the help of keywords when a user runs a search all relevant articles and links to related forms are populated.
SLAs and KPIs A provision to define your Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators and vigorously monitor and analyse the execution of the same.



Graphical solution of comparison


We have built the above comparison with unbiased research and the information provided is true to the best of our knowledge. We hope the above pointers serve as food for thought and assists you in your analysis and decision making process.