Sales Management

Sales Management

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Sales Management

Sales activities mainly begins with directing the sales force, positioning the intent for the team, planning and overseeing the process, and securing the accomplishment of the set goal.

BPN’s Sales management module will help you automate your complete sales activities with 4 important built-in modules which include product listing, creating leads, converting leads to opportunities and opportunities to customers by sending quotations and signing the contract.

Features that Sales Management Module offer

  •    Products

List and Manage products with their barcodes, description, quantity, color variations etc. under one single view. You can also manage inventory to know how many products are readily available to market. With the Master Data Management option, you can add dynamic fields to capture more relevant information related to the product

  •    Lead Management

Create and manage leads based on buying ability, interest, requirements etc. Define rules to move cold leads to warm and then to hot leads. Automatic conversion of hot leads to opportunities based on predefined set of rules

  •    Opportunities

Enables you to monitor and evaluate the status of each opportunity and plan necessary course of action to convert an opportunity into a sales. You can generate reports, analyse and guide team members about the approach to be taken to handle every opportunity

  •    Quotes

Define and Generate quotes based on set of rules, apply discounts or early bird offers, maintain a record of proposals sent with a version control system

Some Verticals where Sales Management is best suited

On a broad spectrum where BPN Sales Management can be used would be

Online/Offline Shopping

List and Manage Products – List all available products including the description,available colours and barcodes available in the store/online(if applicable).The list is auto- updated as the product diminishes .
Quotes – Define quotes or discounts based on a defined set of rules
Lead Management – Stay on top of leads and convert leads to opportunities, opportunities to Sales.

Real Estate

Track Opportunities – Track all your positive opportunities in one place.
 Quotes – Define prices/quotes based on a defined set of rules.
List Properties – List all available properties including all amenities that the property provides.This list will auto-update as the properties get sold.

FSM & Banks & Insurance

 List Amenities – List every amenity that is available ,as the amenities get less,the list will be updated to reflect the same.
Quotes – Define quotes to reflect what the business offers based on a defined set of rules.

Sales Management is best suited for the following Roles

  •    Sales Managers
  •    Sales Executives
  •    Field Service Employees
  •    Real Estate Agents
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers and is involved in the Sales process. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Sales Management - List of Products

Sales Management – List of Products


Sales Management - Quotes

Sales Management – Quotes

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