Risk Management

Risk Management

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Risk Management

Risk management allows you to define, monitor and analyze risk parameters based on various defined risk categories. Automate the risk management process to be on top of the potential risks in-order to avoid customer dissatisfaction or failure of any business process.

Every business is prone to a certain percentage of risk and if well handled, the risk level can be reduced drastically. Our ‘Risk Management’ module lets you define risk parameters and continuously strives to mitigate any potential risk by sending you notifications and alerts for your intervention.

Features that Risk Management offers

  •    Define Risk Parameters

Define category of risks, parameters, probabilities and impact of such risks

  •    Assign Risk Score

Risk scoring rules can be defined enabling users to rate various parameters and accordingly the risk score can be generated

  •    Multiple Visualization Methods

Risk score can be visualized in multiple formats like html, text, images etc

  •    Accuracy Testing of Score

Once risk score is configured, the admin can run a risk score test to check accuracy

  •    Alert Management

Set alerts based on predefined rules and risk criteria. Define any number of alerts based on the requirements to be notified

  •    Problem Management

Classify, evaluate, and resolve issues. Analyze root causes and decrease repeated failed occurrences to increase the productivity and performance of the team

Some Verticals where Risk Management is best suited

Bank and Insurance Sectors

Define Rules to assess Risks – Create a set of rules to define risks and risk parameters which can then measure the impact of the Risk
View Reports – View Reports in any format such as texts,images,charts,graphs, etc.
Shorten Eligibility Criteria Process Time – Determine the  eligibility status in a shorter time as the process of determining eligibility and premium is automated.
Auto-Escalation to third party examiner – If the risk score exceeds a particular score, the report can be auto-escalated to the 3rd party examiner who can inturn verify and submit his opinion through the portal.

Project Lifecycles

Define Risks – Define rules to specify risks and risk parameter
Set-up Alerts and notifications – Set up alerts to be displayed when any activity meets the defined risk parameter
View Reports – View Reports in any format such as texts,images,charts,graphs, etc.

Restaurants and Hotels

Food Quality Risk – Continuously assess food quality standards to be on top of possible risks with the quality of food and hygiene factors.
Customer Risk Evaluation –  Based on the profile of the customer, evaluate the risk parameters before allotting hotel rooms/stay

Roadways and Infrastructure

Access Risks – Assess all possible risks that may occur
Define Alerts – Define different alerts to be notified based high impact risks or low impact risk
View Reports – View Reports in any format such as texts,images,charts,graphs, etc
Set-up Issues and Solutions – Set-up Issues and Solutions to be followed when they occur due to any Risk.

Hospitals – Labs and Pharmacies

Access Risks – Assess all possible risks that may occur due to mistreatment or misconduct
Define Solutions – Define Solutions to be followed in case any unforeseen risk occurs.
View Reports – View Reports in any format right from images,charts,graphs, to even texts

Risk Management is best suited for the following Roles

  •    Hotel Staff
  •    Managers
  •    Insurance Agents & Managers
  •    Underwriters / Third Party Verifiers
  •    Employees
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Risk Management

Risk Management

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