Contact Centre Management

Contact Centre Management

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Contact Centre Management

The way of communicating with your clients is very important in this ever changing complex connected world.The Contact Centre is responsible for many things including Support, Interaction and to a great extent even Data Gathering.

Our Contact Center module will allow your customers to communicate in creative new ways including both, already existing ways of communicating and the new technology that will allow for easier ways for communication.The Contact Centre module is completely customizable and can be personalized to suit your individual needs.

Features that Contact Centre Management Offers 

  •     Agent Message Scripting

BPN enables agents to deliver a coherent message to contacts with a web-based contact center agent script which provides multiple email and SMS templates

  •     Contact Center Statistics

Usage of custom dashboards, opinions and alerts to monitor email Queues, Agents, Campaigns, and more in real-time statistics

  •     Online Database for Contacts

Keeps contact data at the fingertips of agents while managing client relationships

  •     View Interaction History

Gives appropriate information about the customer who has raised the request along with the history of all prior interactions and occurrences with the respective customer

  •     Knowledge base

Curate a bank of articles that agents can refer to thus helping the resolution of the problem to be reached faster

  •    Omnichannel Contact Center

Be present to follow up on your clients, and guide them step by step with live chat. Emails can be routed through a queue and agents will receive information once an email has been sent through

  •    Service Request

Add service request to any conversation and assign owner and priority

  •     Task Assignment

Create tasks against each conversation and assign to team members and monitor progress

  •     Email and SMS Notification Service

Respond to the staff or customer through emails and SMS from within the portal

  •     Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrates any payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal.

Some Verticals where Contact Centre is best suited

IT Sector

Consolidation of various support requests under one portal
Pipelines – You can get a quick customized glance of everything that is happening in the form of graphs and charts for easy understanding.
Interaction History – When a person gets in contact with you,you can view the person’s details and past interaction with that person.
Live Chat – This allows you to get in touch with your customers in the real world and assist them.


Interaction History – Pulls up old patient records if and when required.
Hassle Free Payments – Make hassle free payments quickly thereby always allowing customer satisfaction.
Respond to Customers/Patients – Always be on time when responding to patients through our multi-channel communication system.
Online Database – Manage an online Database of all customers and employees which can be referred to as and when required.


Interaction History –  View the customer’s history with the bank,if he has taken out a loan and paid it back or hasn’t paid it back
Broadcast Messages – Send out broadcast messages or emails to all bank customers to make important announcements
Support Customers Emails – Always be on time when responding  to customers emails.
Keep Track of Statics – Stay on top of statics with customisable dashboards to monitor valuable assets or even track interaction via emails,sms etc.

Educational Sector

Pipelines – Get a detailed glance of a students record in the form of graphs and charts.
Interaction History – View and maintain the students interaction with the institution from the time of joining.
Broadcast messages – Send out broadcasts informing  important announcements such as holidays,programs etc.Customize broadcast messages to announce homework or exam schedules for each department or class.
Quick Payment – Parents or students can make quick payments through the integrated payment gateway which ensures  that the fees is paid on time.
Communication system between parents and schools – Make use of our multichannel communication system to get in touch with parents by preferred mode of communication to understand their concerns.

Contact Centre Management Module is best suited for the following roles 

  •   Managers
  •   Employees
  •   Parents
  •   Students
  •   Patients
  •   Clients
  •   Front Desk Staff
  •   Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Contact Centre Management Overview

Contact Centre Management Overview

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