Data Integration

Data Integration

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Data Integration

Data integration allows users to integrate data from various sources or from their existing systems either on single direction or multi-directional mode. The data is extracted from the sources, stored and consolidated into a unified cohesive data set enabling users to make informed and wise decisions

Features that Data Integration Module offers

  •   Multi-Channel Access

Our integration capability offers multi channel access to legacy applications

  •   Modernise IT Systems

Assists in modernizing the IT systems and provide consistent high quality front end

  •   Integrate Processes to systems

Enables the users to enforce their business processes and integrate those processes to a variety of their systems

  •   Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor integrations through the monitoring dashboards to ensure all integrations across systems is working as expected

  •   Alerts, Notifications & Ticket Generation

Exception based alerts and notification systems to ensure unforeseen issues with data integration are resolved promptly. Easily generate tickets based on predefined set of rules.

  •   Integration across Source Systems

Automate business processes internally and also across third parties by seamlessly integrating business processes across source systems of your partner network ie. vendors or customers

Some Verticals where Data Integration Module is best suited

  •   Banks
  •   Hospitals and Pharmacies
  •   BPOs
  •   Restaurants and Hotels
  •   Schools and Colleges
  •   Any sector which requires data integration to be performed


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