Task Management

Task Management

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Task Management

Task management will assist you in managing tasks through its life cycle—from planning, testing, tracking, reporting and completing the activity. You can easily align all of your business processes within one single platform.

BusinessProcessNow has inbuilt Task Management which allows you to assign tasks to the team members or reporters or even third party vendors. Post assigning the tasks, the manager can track the progress and status of all the tasks within a single view.

Features of Task Management Module Offers 

  •   Taskflow Customization

Easily customize the task flow with multiple customization options available in the module enabling you to address any challenges from the simple tasks to the tasks that require more attention

  •   Easy Collaboration and Storage

Hold all your discussions, files, briefings, checklists and sheets in one location and say farewell to long conferences and lengthy email threads. Add documents, notes, images etc against each task

  •   Define and Allocate Tasks

Define tasks and sub tasks to be completed by the team and easily allocate tasks to team members based on their skills and area of expertise

  •   Auto-Assign and Auto-Route

Auto assign and auto route tasks to team members based on predefined set of rules

  •   Track Real-Time Task Progress

Track the progress of each task defined in the task management tool and learn the real-time status/progress of tasks

  •   Analyse Team’s Performance

Analyse the team’s performance based on the allocated tasks and their progress

  •   Define and Monitor SLA & KPI’s 

Define SLA and KPI for team members, apply them based on the conditions and then track metrics down to the minute

  •    Create and Integrate Knowledge base

Create knowledge base which can be used as a training material and also as a help centre for your staff or your customers

  •    Email, SMS and Push Notification Service

Respond to the staff or customer through emails and SMS and schedule broadcast messages

  •    Add notes and print feature

Easily add public, internal and private notes and print forms for further processing

  •   View Interaction History

Gives appropriate information about the customer who has raised the request along with the history of all prior interactions and occurrences with the respective customer using different communication channels

  •   Multichannel Role Based Approvals

Powerful approval configuration engine that allows you to configure approval based on hierarchy, role and various other parameters using web and mobile. Define priority, status, owner etc for each task and monitor status until closure

Some Verticals where Task Management is best suited

Field Service Management
  •   Assign and Manage Tasks – The Manager can assign tasks to indivisuals or groups and manage all tasks within a single platform
  •   Auto Assign Tasks – Tasks can be auto assigned to the individual based on his close proximity to the location or skills of the individual or any defined set of rules
  •   Track Field Service Tasks – Track real time progress of the Tasks to be up to date of the happening of the scheduled tasks of the executives
  •   Define SLA for tasks – SLA’s can be defined for the tasks and emails/notifications can be configured when SLA’s are not met.
  •   Customize Workflow and Auto Assign Tasks – Customize the workflow of the tasks as per the business requirements and auto-assign tasks based on defined set of rules
  •   Auto- Route Tasks – Set up rules to auto route tasks to the preferred individual,based on any queue, wait time or any particular parameter.
  •   Track Progress – Track progress of any individual or the entire team in real-time and provide feedback
  •   Analyse Performance – Analyse the performance of any team member or the team based on defined SLA’s or KPI’s.
Hospitals – Labs
  •   Assign and Manage Tasks – Tasks related to each patient can be assigned to the hospital staff like the doctors, nurses etc. Track status of the tasks and provide feedback when required.
  •   Assign tasks to the Lab and monitor status – Assign tests/lab related tasks to the lab staff for and track status of the reports based on priority and criticalality of the patient
  •   Easy Collaboration and Storage of Lab Files – Hold all your discussions, files, briefings, checklists and sheets in one location.Add documents, notes, images etc against each task
  •   Auto – route Tasks and Results – Auto-route tasks of the hospital staff to a different staff or third party vendor based on defined parameters
  •   Automated Notifications – Notifications are sent to the patient regarding the progress of  the tasks such as lab reports or medication provided to the patient at various intervals
Schools and Colleges 
  •   Allocate Tasks to staff –  Allocate Task to desired teachers based on their skills and area of expertise
  •   Define Work Time Table – Define tasks to be performed by each teacher through the day (classes to be handled, projects to be submitted, co-curricular activities to be conducted etc)
  •   Analyse the Individual and Overall Performance – Analyse performance of an individual student or class or teacher based on assigned tasks and their progress
  •   Allocate General Tasks – Allocate General Tasks to individuals like administrator, housekeeping, third party vendors etc  (such as repair of Infrastructure,Furniture,Washroom Amenities etc)
  •   Assign tasks for team members and monitor status – Manager can assign tasks to their reports and monitor progress and status until closure
  •   Auto- assign tasks  – Auto-Assign tasks to executives based on their area of expertise and when closest to the destination or any defined set of rules
  •   Analyse Overall Performance – Analyse Performance of Bank and Bank Branches under a single platform

Task Management is best suited for the following Roles

  •    Managers
  •    Employees
  •    Field Service Executives
  •    Government Agencies
  •    Teaching  and Non-Teaching Staff
  •    Organisation Clients/Customers
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Task Management Queue

Task Management Queue


Task Management - Track Task Progress

Task Management – Track Task Progress

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