Asset Management

Asset Management

by Rochelle Cunningham


BPN Asset Management

BPN’s Asset management module automates workflows for all of your asset life cycles. It helps list and track inventory,  financials, contractual details of hardware, devices, software as well as non-IT assets. Once an asset is deployed, our tool helps record all maintenance activities and schedule periodic audits up to the retirement of assets.

The Asset Management module is built to make sure you have access to complete management of your valuable assets.

Features of  Asset Management offers

  •     IT Asset Management

Monitor full asset life cycle from procurement to disposal. It allows auto-discovery and management of all hardware and software inventory deployed in your network

  •    Software Asset Management & License

Manage software licenses and agreements, update or renew or cancel as per business requirements

  •    Purchase Orders

Use purchase order workflow to facilitate new order request, vendor selection, approval and purchase process

  •    Reports

Generate comprehensive predefined / custom inventory reports

  •    Import Existing Data

Import current asset information from any third party application into the portal

  •    Master Data Management

Add dynamic fields to capture more relevant information

  •   Barcode Reader

Invoicing and tracking made easy with integration of barcode reader

Some Verticals where Asset Management is best suited

Sectors where BPN Asset Management can be used on a high level include


Track Assets – Track the organization’s assets and its lifecycle
 Organise Assets – Categories and organise your assets for easy access at any point of time

Hospitals and Pharmacies 
Manage Assets – Track the organization’s assets and inventory of hospital equipment, Blood, medicine etc
Generate and View Reports of assets – Generate and View reports on the assets to stay on top of everything.

Restaurants and Hotels
Follow through with Purchase Orders – Follow through with purchase orders till receiving the material.
Track Assets – Be up to date with all your Assets including furniture, electronic equipment, software licenses etc

Schools and Colleges

Manage Assets – Stay on top of your assets including infrastructure,furniture, school material, indoor & outdoor equipment etc to ensure smooth functioning of the institution

Asset Management is best suited for following Roles

  •   General Managers
  •   Procurement Managers/ Agents
  •   Finance Head
  •   Purchase Manager
  •   Inventory Manager
  •   Delivery Agents
  •   Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Asset Management - List of Assets

Asset Management – List of Assets


Asset Management - Asset Details

Asset Management – Asset Details


Asset Management - Asset Details Cont

Asset Management – Asset Details Cont

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