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BusinessProcessNow Comparative

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 BusinessProcessNow Comparative


  •     Introduction
  •     Who Do We Compare With?
  •     How Do We Compare?
  •     Legend
  •     Conclusion
  •     Graphical Representation


Making an investment takes a great deal of thought and analysis. Our BusinessProcessNow being your front line tool definitely deserves a lot of inspection and scrutiny.

We at Fusion Practices completely support the idea of an assessment before a business decision is made. To facilitate your analysis we would like to take you through a couple of pointers about how we compare based on our observation of our competition available in the market as of today.

We encourage you to ask your questions and validate the information in this article.

Who Do We Compare With?

There are many Service Desks and Case Management softwares available globally today, though the BusinessProcessNow is not only limited to being a service desk, it is important to understand how we differentiate from them. This article is going to provide a comparison between two popular service desks “Oracle Service Cloud”, “ServiceNow” and our “BusinessProcessNow”.

How Do We Compare?

Below listed is a comparison table. The table comprises of the following columns:

  1.      Capability – The feature that is being compared
  2.      Benefit –  How the compared capability will benefit your organisation
  3.      Oracle Service Cloud –  Indicator of whether Oracle Service Cloud provides the compared capability
  4.      ServiceNow –  Indicator of whether ServiceNow provides the compared capability
  5.      Business Innovation Platform – Indicator of whether the BusinessProcessNow provides the compared capability




Existent Nonexistent Partially Existent


1.Capability Benefit Oracle Service Cloud Service


Business Process Now
Cost Effective Licensing We are 80% cheaper than both Servicenow and Oracle Service CLoud.
ERP Integrated Supplier, Customer & HR Helpdesk We offer end to end Oracle ERP or any other legacy system integration bundled as a part of our service
ERP Integrated Timecards We offer a specialist time card app bundled into our platform that allows us to capture timesheets efficiently. Further, we can integrate these timecards from mobile app into your ERP system of choice and help you automate contractor cost accrual process
ERP Integrated Expense Management Our competitor’s mobile offerings do not offer this integration. When an employee raises an Expense Reimbursement request this is stored in the form of a ticket within our platform where the employee can monitor every stage of it with ease. This also makes it easier for the manager to keep a close tab on the needed analysis.

Through the automated ERP integration that the BPN boasts, this data can then be used to complete the tasks your ERP is required to perform for Expense Management.

2.Bidirectional Customer Facing Task Management Through the BPN, back and forth communication is supported.

Tasks can be assigned in response to a users request and all this will be systematically documented by the BPN at every stage. Facilitating historical transparency (viewable by authorised roles) of what happened at every stage of user interaction.

Chabot’s Integrated with ERP The BPNs Chatbot not only acts as a frontline assistant to your users but also uses robotic intelligence to an extent that it is capable of raising requests on behalf of the user either by chatting or converting the users voice to text .

Unbiased of languages, the BPN Chatbot supports all the languages Google supports.

It does not end there, post collecting the data it is capable of integrating that data with your ERP as well!

Inbuilt MDM Capability This facilitates high levels of security. Provisioning control and protection of data and configuration settings of all platforms and devices within the network. Hence most importantly reducing business risks and support costs.
Prebuilt Payment Gateway Integration The reason BPN comprises a prebuilt Payment Gateway is that we know the problems that can arise due to the lack of one.

With your own BPN Prebuilt Payment Gateway you can be assured of a Highly Secured Gateway, which is simple to integrate, facilitating fast and easy payments online.

Offline mobile capability The Lone Worker is a very unique feature to the BPN.

We are proud to provide a service that allows you to have your employees out in the field even in areas with no network coverage.

All your employees need to do is enter the data relevant to your preconfigured fields, though they are not on the network and once they connect back we automatically sync all that data back to the cloud, which will then follow the regular path that you have defined it to take.

Native Mobile App Capability Our Native Mobile Apps are configurable to your look and feel.

The speed of the Native Mobile App does not have to be constrained due to poor Internet speeds as the data can be stored on the app and synced back when good internet connection is available.

Field Service Management and Field Repairs Manage onsite service requests using Field Service Management by sending your employees on Field level Tasks.
Oracle PAAS/IAAS Hosted Solutions Our BPN is hosted on Oracle’s cloud, it helps not to be limited to supporting only SAAS, but also hosted on PAAS/IAAS solutions
Extensibility Our product allows extensions in the same ways as our competitor products
Integration All industry products can be integrated to your ERP. However, we can offer this integration as a bundled service.
Self Service BI Our BPN platform allows users to developer their own dashboards and reports
Contact Centre Contact Centre modules cover everything from IVRs, Queuing , Skill Set definitions, Verification modules, Interaction Documentation, Action listing etc.
Flexible Branding and Skinning Provision to customise your platform channels with your own desired themes and logos.
Email Centre Integration With Service Request Save time in unnecessary navigation by being able to send emails and connecting with social media through the platform itself.
Role Based Access Control Role Based Access Control allows you to determine what data and processes you want the various users in your organisation based on their roles to view and gain access to.
SAAS With the provision of Software As A Service, your software is bought as a subscription rather than being bought and installed on individual computers, hence providing a method of software delivery and licensing.
Knowledge Management Subject Matter experts feed articles into the Knowledge Management module, with the help of keywords when a user runs a search all relevant articles and links to related forms are populated.
SLAs and KPIs A provision to define your Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators and vigorously monitor and analyse the execution of the same.



Graphical solution of comparison

We have built the above comparison with unbiased research and the information provided is true to the best of our knowledge. We hope the above pointers serve as food for thought and assists you in your analysis and decision making process.

We are always happy to answer any questions or queries relating to the Business InnovationProcessNow (BPN). Feel free to Contact Us for further communication.

Enterprise Chatbot

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BusinessProcessNow – Business Automation Chatbots                                                                                       


  •       Introduction
  •       Types of chatbots 
  •                  Chatbot that functions based on rules
  •                  Chatbot that functions based on machine learning 
  •       Benefits of Chatbots
  •       Why you should make use of a chatbot
  •       How does BPN’s Chatbot stand apart

With your Business,don’t chase after it, it may most probably keep running away from you,

Find what will be useful for your business and the business will come to you.

Make use of BusinessProcessNow’s Automation Chatbot to attract business.


iconThe most common definition for a chatbot would be that it is a computer program or artificial intelligence chatbot which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test.(excerpt taken from wikipedia). Chatbots used in enterprises are called Enterprise Chatbots.

But the term chatbot that we so commonly use today was coined by Michael Mauldin and that too in the year 1994 to describe conversational programs. So if we go by that then chatbots have been around for quite some time but we are making them better only since recently.

To put it in simpler more comprehensible words a chatbot is a piece of software that is designed to simulate human conversation and it is often powered by Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.  

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots though commonly thought of as many can be broadly classified into two types

  •      Chatbot that functions based on a set of rules
  •      Chatbot that uses machine learning

Chatbots That Function Based On Rules

The chatbot which functions based on a set of rules is highly limited in nature. The response rate is low and very specific being able to respond only to what and how it was initially programmed. If you happen to say something wrong, or even if it correct but it doesn’t understand your accent, it has no idea what you mean by that. This type of chatbot will never get smarter and it is only as smart as it was when it was initially programmed.

Chatbots That Function Based On Machine Learning

The chatbot which functions using machine learning as the name suggests makes use of machine learning. It can be said to have a brain, an artificial brain which when commonly spoken about is referred to as artificial intelligence. This allows your descriptions to be broad eliminating the need of being exact to the point. It can comprehend languages and is not specific to only commands. This type of chatbot gets smarter as it keeps conversing with people, learning through that process, so that it is not stagnant and keeps getting smarter than when it was initially programmed.

Benefits Of Chatbots

Business Innovation Platform Automation Chatbot working

Gartner prediction states that by 2020,85% of customer interaction will be managed without a human. So, this obviously means that if you still believe chatbots are not the fastest growing thing and aren’t catching up, you are wrong and need to change your perception.

Now the question arises as to how are chatbots becoming the centre of attention? Let us remind you how by broadly showcasing the advantages of chatbots.

Maintaining Personalisation

Ability to reach a lot of people but still feel personal

Chatbots empower brands to reach millions of users concurrently, while still maintaining a personalized feel by allowing users to decide inputs and participate in conversation applicable to their distinct interests and demographics.

New Way To Communicate

Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry and this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world and most importantly with their customers/employees.

No Extra App To Download

When you as an employee or customer make use of a chatbot you need not download any new app, as the chatbot is designed to work seamlessly within the app. With no new app needed to be downloaded it means that is there is no need to create a new account and the most important thing that we just cannot avoid mentioning is, there is no new user interface to learn.

Service Around The Clock

Chatbots have the ability to be available around the clock ( 24 hours) no matter which time zone you are in, servicing instantly while still giving accurate up to date information.

Minimize The Waiting Time

Waiting on hold could take a long long time till you get connected with the human representative, a chatbot could split that time down, just by chatting with the bot. This holds the advantage that all the data is recorded and can be used whenever there is a need to reference anything.

Avoid Planning

Chatbots could help customers/employees to steer clear of tiresome planning and simplify much sought after and dedicated aspects while boosting businesses by using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ease Of Access Due To Internet And Mobile Phones

Chatbots being able to be integrated onto mobiles and with the capability to penetrate the internet, both which are vastly made use of today, make it an ideal tool. This has led to an increase of people using messenger apps to such an extent that is almost double times that of people making use of social networks.

Why You Should Make Use Of A Chatbot


With chatbots, there is hope that businesses, clients, employees and customers attention will be open and they will be keen on investigating to see if chatbots could make things happen for them.


Chatbots will do well because there is a decline in mobile apps being downloaded. And even with the apps being downloaded, people don’t make use of the app or at least not often. In fact, a quarter of those apps never get used after the first use.


Really knowing and captivating your customers isn’t only a customer service challenge, it’s a data challenge. Chatbots can accomplish both, offering up to the mark customer service and being able to keep and track data that can be visited whenever needed.


Chatbots can be used to qualify traffic further allowing it to be segmented and then directing target web traffic towards the desired location to convert them into leads.


Chatbots can be used to engage with the customers at any time from any location around the world regardless if it’s day or night in that location.


Gaining insights on customers is more important than it seems. If you know who is your customer and his/her likes and dislikes it can be a huge advantage to you. You can provide them with personalized recommendations based on their likes. Chatbots can second you getting to know who the customer is.


Scrutinizing the webpage to find the place which processes payment and then filling up the details can be a lot of work and in most scenarios a loss of time. Payments can be made via the chatbot which would effectively reduce the time lost in the process of searching for the payment section and filling in all the details.


Since the chatbot isn’t an app itself but instead is embedded into an app, it acts as the first point of communication between the business and customer. Due to the ease of using the website through a chatbot, customers are more likely to return to the website more than once.


Most employees, clients and customers think that chatots are designed to be utilized during both textual and audio routes to be primarily focused on helping customers. But chatbots can also be developed to be dedicated wholly to onboarding.

How Does BPNs Chatbot Stand Apart

You must have heard of the phenomenon called ”six degrees of separation”.Well, make it half and in about just 3 degrees you accomplish the task from start to finish — with the help of our BusinessProcessNow CHATBOT!

Business Innovation Platforms Automation Chatbot Benefits

  •      Forever Scalable
  •      Personalized Chatbot
  •      User-friendly
  •      Customization as a chief ingredient
  •      Time-saving
  •      24-hour customer support
  •      Cost saving
  •      Track and record customers/employee behaviour
  •      Offline usage
  •      Chatbot as a service
  •      Transparency of the Chatbot

Forever Scalable

During world war II the first computer was built by Alan Turing. He gave the paper in 1950 and the paper opens with the lines ”I propose to consider the question”Can machines think?”This being the driving force for us, we have made our chatbot able to learn thereby making it scalable. This furnishes the power of always being on par with your business and so that you are never left behind, lending you a hand by removing the unnecessary added pressure of having to update the BusinessProcessNow.

Personalized Chatbot

Our Chatbot makes your life easy and saves you time. Like previously said, it can help you accomplish a task from start to finish.’’How?’’,you may ask. Reach out to your very own personalized chatbot and provide all the details in just one place prompted by the chatbot queries. And you are done!

The BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot bestows upon every user that it interacts with a completely unique and personalized experience.This experience though being personalized and having a feeling of a human touch to it is achieved through a completely automated chatbot.

Every aspect of the business is not alike and likewise, every person isn’t alike. Keeping this as the core thought, our chatbot is developed. Thus, the Chatbot uses style match technology, enhanced personalization and controlled tasks to help the users find what they want and get the answers they need.


Instead of searching and browsing through a website or a particular webpage, you can have the conversation with our builtin chatbot, mirroring the type of experience you would get when you are on the webpage.

Customization As A Chief Ingredient

Chatbots usually are the same, monotonous and always give the vibe of it being a robot programmed to mimic a human conversation. Well, we know the feeling that so many of you want to be able to customize your chatbot to suit your needs and the working ways of your business. This is why BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot is designed to be fully customizable to suit your needs and reduce the robot feeling and instead be more like your company and its first line representative.


71% of people use chatbots and many do so because they want their problem solved and they want it solved fast. Waiting in a queue can result in loss of time.BusinessProcessNow’s Chatbot is designed to be highly personalized meaning it can cater to your needs at any time as well as to the specific needs of your customer/employee.

24 Hour Customer Support

Our chatbot will provide real-time assistance, offer interactive communication where you also ask questions to understand the real problem. With the speech to text capability, you can present rich content. This means that the chatbot will provide extensive customer assistance, always-available customer support and proactive customer interaction.

Cost Saving

Implementing a fully functioning chatbot is cheaper and faster than creating an app or hiring employees for each task. Since our chatbot is fully automated, it allows organizations to handle many customers simultaneously. By making use of the chatbot you will not only save on employee costs but you will also avoid the problems caused by human errors.

Track and Record Customer/Employee Behaviour

Chatbots are great tools to communicate with customers/employees. With the feedback they collect through simple questions, you can make improvements to the services/products.BAC can also be used to track customer/employee behaviour by monitoring user data. Monitoring user data helps a company to make vital decisions.

Offline Usage

We know that being offline and unable to update data is a big problem. We have attempted to solve this issue with our BusinessProcessNow and the ability of its chatbot to key in data even if offline and the data will be automatically updated when back online.

Chatbot As A Service

There are many chatbot platforms from many big enterprises, but, BPNs chatbot as a service (CaaS) being quick-witted, easier to converse with, and affordable for any portal, escalates customer experience by providing real-time assistance, and also auto replying to the user’s queries stands out.

Transparency Of The Chatbot

Processing any claim can be time-consuming and also expensive. Though chatbots can assist by automating this process, there is always a chance that the result may not be completely analyzable or transparent for the business. We at Fusion Practices have solved that by keeping our chatbot transparent enough, where you can see its limitations and if it’s been flagged for having given false outcome or predictions before.

90% of your success is helping your employee/customer and keeping them happy, and our Chatbot helps you can attain that success!

If you have been reading this article and were at any point wondering how or if you want to get your chatbot specially customized to your needs, and furthermore if you had come across any queries for us then do  Contact Us. It would be our pleasure to listen to you, answer you and help you.

Native App Framework

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BusinessProcessNow Native Mobile App    


  •      Introduction to Mobile Apps
  •      Difference between Native Mobile Apps and Hybrid Apps
  •      Reasoning that Determines the Choice in Types of Apps
  •      Benefits of Mobile Apps
  •      Benefits of Using Mobile Apps For Buisness
  •      How do we Compare

Style adds to attractiveness. Add the right style and you’ve become more attractive instantly. This is what BPNs Native Mobile Application stands for. In this day and age, almost every other need is addressed by a mobile app. One of the key features of the BusinessProcessNow is that we intend for your Business to be innovated and made available on native mobile apps. Mobilizing your business based on your rules and regulations. With security mastered in every element of the app, ensuring that your business is safe and secure as you expand it and make it more accessible.

The BPN Native Mobile App is customized in every way to the way you would like it to look and feel. Available both on Android and IOS.

Before we talk about how you can achieve this through the BPN, let’s understand the need for Mobile Apps and Native Mobile Apps in particular.

Introduction to Mobile Apps


IconMobile apps are applications that are built specifically to be used on smaller wireless devices such as mobiles and tablets instead of bigger devices such as the computer or the laptop. The mobile apps are drafted taking into thought the ability to make maximum use of their unique capabilities and advantages as well as the constraints of the devices.

Most simple Mobile Applications take an application based on a PC and transfer it to a smaller more portable Mobile Device. The drawback with this technique is that as Mobile Apps get more powerful, it is found to be inadequate to follow this technique as it may not make the best use of all the advantages that a mobile app can bring. An advancement and now more acceptable development would be applications for the Mobile or Tablet that would be able to make use of its advantages while being mindful of its limitations.

Difference between Native Mobile Apps and Hybrid Apps

Native Mobile Apps

Apps that are built within mature ecosystems following user experience guidelines and technical user preferences provided by the operating systems itself is what makes a Native Mobile App.

iconA Native App is a smart phone application developed and designed specifically for mobile operating systems. An ideal example would be that of any app for IOS or java for android with features like swipe jesters and alignments for Android and IOS.

To achieve the look, feel and consistency within the app most of the other Native Mobile Apps are built into the devices, thus provisioning Native Mobile Apps to offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to the user. Native apps have the significant advantage of being easily accessible and utilize the capabilities of the user’s device itself, with features like GPS,  address book, camera etc.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid Apps look and feel like the basic app but are ultimately outside the frame of the application. These types of Apps are powered by the company’s website. Examples of Hybrid Mobile Apps are sites like Facebook, Netflix etc.

iconHybrid applications are at core website packages wrapped into native wrappers, for instance, PhoneGap (a framework for software development used to develop mobile applications initiated by Adobe) or others.

It really makes sense to get started with a Hybrid App if you consider that It does not make sense to launch a native app platform or even recompile the app for just one feature as it would take a lot of time and could be comparatively very heavy.

Native functionalities like camera or GPS can also be used on Hybrid Apps by third party plugins. Nevertheless, the fact cannot be neglected that a lot of code needs to be enclosed with it, while on the other hand native applications are pretty easy to use and utilities functionality.

Reasoning that Determines the Choice in Types of Apps

Native vs. Hybrid Apps

Choosing a Native App when there is an enormous amount of data could be a tough decision or rather a decision to be rethought, Hybrid apps are more ideal in such situations.

Android vs. IOS

As mentioned earlier the BusinessProcessNow provision for Native Mobile Applications is available both on Android and IOS. The choice is yours!


  •     If you’re starting in the mobile market it is suggested that you take the effort to research the sectors where the majority of your target audience is actually relying, whether they are on Android or IOS or Both.
  •    When your choice is based on pricing factors. If you want your users to use paid apps then IOS is the go to in most cases whereas if you want your user to access the app freely Android would be the go to in most cases.
  •    The choice between IOS and Android is also widely dependent on Geographical locations.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

Native App flow

In this day and age where it is statistically proven that around 90% of the world’s population are acquainted with smartphones when considering users between the ages of 18 & 50, smartphones have reached this new mountain peak. These factors have caused an awakening amongst Business owners as they have begun to come to terms with the importance of mobile apps.

Looking back at not more than 3 years ago, the traffic on the website from a Smartphone would have only been 10% or even less. But in today’s scenario, the traffic coming in from a Smartphone would make up at least 70% of the overall traffic. When such is the trend it would be underestimating the trend to say that it will not increase from here. It can safely be said that businesses, clients and customers likewise will focus on intensifying mobile apps and the use of it if they haven’t already made that consideration.

It is important to re-emphasize that a mobile app is not the same as a mobile friendly website and many unique features within your app can be better developed and more engaging than web elements.

Benefits of using Mobile Apps for Business

Increased sales

Facilitating your customers with constant visibility of what your business has to offer, notifying them of recent changes or improvements, a platform to maintain communication with them accessibility are all ideal ways to maintain customer experience and employee satisfaction and hence elevating sales.

A well developed Mobile App has the potential to check in and check out quickly, creating easy access to communicate and interact with the customer making sure to deliver on customer loyalty.

Compete Effectively With Targeted Competition

It is understood that the more frequently an occasion causes an authorized user to interact with your mobile app; it is more likely that they are going to make use or purchase something regardless of it being a product or service.

This can be analyzed positively in 2 perspectives, one that a client makes more purchases and is more satisfied with the service your app is providing. The other way of analyzing its use is that an employee is equipped with an app to enhance the individual’s performance and make their tasks a little easier, resulting in not only employee satisfaction but also better, more effective results.

Effective frequency can be doubled if the business has a Mobile App that is in the precise market and is targeted towards the appropriate audience.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

We have established that an installed app can create a direct marketing channel, offering easily accessible information right at their finger tips.

We all know that it’s not just the first impression that we’re concerned about, as a business all of us aim to assist our customers in the best possible way throughout their journey with us.

We would like to believe that it must be accredited to mobile apps that they are better suited for user retention and re-engaging with clients, as it is always on your home screen and always logged in, as opposed to just a responsive website.

As Fusion Practices emphasis on Customer satisfaction within our organization,  we aim to participate in strengthening the user experience and satisfaction in your mobile app through our BPN Native Mobile App.

Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd

One of the ways that can be particularly emphasized in getting your business to stand out from the umpteen numbers of competitors out there is by getting your own Native Mobile App , soon most businesses will be on Mobile Apps , now and going forward what BPN promises is an app that grows and adapts with your business with no exorbitant costs of upgrades.

Sync all the changes you want from the web portal to your mobile app in seconds. The importance of an app in getting your business to stand out from your competitors cannot be emphasized enough. At this point, apps are still a rare implementation in certain sectors of business.

By launching a native app for your business, you can grab the attention of potential customers and capture a large part of the market share. By the time your competitors catch on(based on the nature of your business) you would have by then, hopefully effectively managed customer engagement and built strong customer loyalty.

Personalization Makes Users feel Special

Is the aim of Mobile Apps only to facilitate your users with wonderfully constructed useful and convenient software? Humans are social beings, strong emotional bonds are important to build trust. Brand trust is essential that every business desires. One of the ways this can be achieved is by personalization and also quick accessibility.

Some common valuable elements that make mobile apps more effective are:

  •     Push Notifications – to allow businesses to keep close contact with news, updates and deals
  •     Personalization- so that users can configure their notifications and favourites
  •     Social Networking – to get users to share, which is essentially free advertising

How do we compare

Business Innovation Platforms Mobile App Capabilities

Imagine this: Sitting in front of your computer/laptop and taking the time to fill in details. Boring and cumbersome right? The thought of it makes you want to skip it or makes you gloomy. That is why Fusion Practices has a solution, introducing the BusinessProcessNow as your user-friendly friendly, highly customizable Native Mobile Application. You gain access to your one stop workstation anytime and anywhere, and finish your work in comparatively shorter periods of time. Being user effective and simple to use. Why? Because you find everything you need in one place literally on your finger tips, your Mobile Phone! No need to worry if it is adaptable for your phone since it is available both on IOS and Android.

One Stop Shop

One app to do everything may sound like it has only one use. But with the BPN Native Mobile App, you can make it your own and customize it for your needs giving different access to users based on their ranking and roles. All rights can be controlled from the Admin Portal and monitored accordingly.

No Network Requirement(Mobile Worker)

Your employees do not have to be connected to the internet while on-site with a client, they can simply key in the data which will then be uploaded once the device is connected to the internet.

Express Worker

Everyday brings with it different challenges but the hustle of life still doesn’t change.The app helps that  Express Worker to complete the task soon leaving the worker time to continue or move onto his next task.

Knowledge Search

When you are in a hurry and searching for something takes time,Knowledge Search can make it easier. Use the search bar to type in what you are looking for and all the options which are related or close to what you have typed in will be displayed. With the saying ‘’Time is Money’’,every minute you spend is precious and knowledge search can help save those minutes.

No Expensive Upgrades

Are you concerned that your mobile phone will run out of space or that whatever you have saved might be lost due to corruption or when you change your phone? BusinessProcessNow’s Mobile App is designed to be automatically updated in the cloud which is highly secured and can be used on any device.The Mobile App is also upgraded to meet the latest upgrades to keep you always in touch with the latest and never miss out on anything.

Business Automation Chatbot

The Native Mobile App has a Business Automation Chatbot (BAC) which provides real-time assistance.The Chatbot is powered with speech to text capability and uses style match technology, enhanced personalization, controlled tasks , case management and Request submission to help you find what you want and get the answers you need. This also reduces the work of your support agents as it acts as a Frontline assistant and improves by learning through scenario based experience over time.

Enhance your customer’s experience and equip your employees with your own Branded Native Mobile App!

There are many such elements that can be incorporated in your Native App based on your use case.If you require further information on Fusion Practices’ BusinessProcessNow offering of a custom Native Mobile App ,please Contact Us,we are happy to answer any queries that you may have and provide a deeper insight on the capabilities available.

About BusinessProcessNow

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  •        What is BusinessProcessNow?
  •        How will it Benefit You?   
  •              Pain Point              
  •              Benefits
  •       Platform Capabilities and Workflow
  •       Use Cases Integrated with ERP

What is BusinessProcessNow?

Is your business operational efficiency being slowed down due to restrictions with the speed at which IT can deliver technology? Do you wish for all your business processes to be automated and made more efficient and integrated into related processes? Is the fear of costs of technical intervention stopping you from adding new processes to your enterprise?


We understand your concerns.

BIP Platform capabilities with ERP and Legacy System

To address those concerns, Fusion Practices offers our BusinessProcessNow (BPN). The BusinessProcessNow is a one-stop Multilingual Highly Configurable Innovation Platform to innovate your ERP and Legacy Systems, available on Native Mobile Apps, the Web, Telephony and Chat Bots to transform a business wish list into a working reality that helps boost efficiency throughout your business.


The BPN solution consists of an Administration portal which facilitates customization and configuration of various forms, approval rules, lifecycles, task schedules from websites etc. It also consists of a self-service portal, offering to the users Native Mobile Apps, Web User Portals, Chatbots etc.

Business Innovation Platform

The Integration Layer allows it to integrate the innovations of our platform with your back office ERP and Legacy systems, for example, different kind of requests such as Expense and Requisitions based on your business requirements. Approvals can then be carried out from the BIP platform or within your ERP system based on your preference.

How will it Benefit You?

What difference is the use of BPN going to make to my organisation? What are its benefits? What can I do differently from the current process that I am following?

If these are the questions running through your mind, these were the same questions that ran through ours and trust us that’s a great place to start! Let’s take the next couple of minutes to address those very important questions.

Let’s look at some of the pain points that Customers, Employees and Organisations face on a day to day basis through their business endeavours, the struggles that we face and the roadblocks that slow us down and how  BusinessProcessNow (BPN) solves them. This will help us facilitate the understanding of the benefits and capabilities of the BPN and what it is that we do differently that will revolutionize your business processes, customer and employee experience.


Pain Points


  •    Platforms and Applications are all standard and cannot be modified to suit my needs.
  •    Customizations of ERP’s are very expensive and not recommended.
  •    It takes a long time for custom development.
  •    Custom development TCO is expensive for long term maintenance costs

….However, I want my ERP & legacy systems to be innovative and should provide a platform that works across all my business processes. I do not want to have offline excel based processes and want to centralize my data for value add analysis.


  •     My ERP lacks innovation resulting in increased headcounts and disjointed solutions creating a void in automation and robotic processes.
  •     Deprivation of automation causes overburdening of tasks on employees resulting in inefficiency and avoidable errors due to human limitations.
  •     Unforecasted situations let businesses suffer as current tools take time and technical intervention to create processes capable of handling the current burning situation.

….However, I want to avoid manual work and have automation achieved


  •      My business is fast growing and becoming a global enterprise but I am restricted due to language barriers of my tool where the software is in English but the user base is across the world and different languages.
  •      I am in a particular geographical location but my target audience is located elsewhere.
  •      My client’s customers are from different global language ethnicities and this restricts the capabilities and business opportunities that I can offer to my clients.

….However, I want my business processes to work across all languages.

Safety and Security

  •        There is constant conflict about who is responsible for the different layers of security of the systems governed by the organization.
  •        The mounting pressure of maintaining laws set by the Risk and Compliance terms and fall-throughs which could pose a threat to the business monetarily and affect employees growth due to unintentional breaches which could be avoided by security features of the tool.
  •      Risk, and Cyberthreats of Cyber attacks on ERP’s leading to Cyber Espionage, Cyber Sabotage and Fraud.
  •      Protection of the platform itself from vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security of the custom code.

….However, I want my custom processes to be highly secured with data encrypted at REST.

Expensive ERP Upgrades

  •        ERP system upgrades are too expensive and at times add no value to the business. However, your business user needs new capabilities and maintaining black box customizations to ERP are expensive.
  •       Tools are created only to run certain functions, resulting in usage of stagnant processes though business concepts and approaches have evolved.
  •       Implementation of cumbersome workarounds due to the fear of upgrade costs.

….However, I want my business users to get the latest features such as mobile apps, chatbots and telephony integrations to work across my ERP and legacy systems

 Standard Design and Content

  •       All the  pages of my tool look the same
  •       I wish I could have customisable colour coded pallets to distinguish required milestones of a specific process
  •       A desire for my tool to be more interactive with a provision of a communication platform as a one-stop shop , which can be monitored based on roles instead of using multiple tools for various interactions, facilitating comment documentation.

….However, I want my business processes to offer common look and feel regardless of ERP, or business processes.



Our platform boasts the capability to be customized by configuration and tailored according to your needs. All it takes is a couple of configuration steps and you’re good to go! Creation and implementation of your custom processes is the very heart of the tool.

We at  Fusion Practices strongly encourage the good practice of not customizing your ERP but would like for you to benefit from a tool that allows you to create and implement those customizations on our tool and we will integrate it with your ERP for you.

Simple and Easy To Use

Though the Business Innovation Platform is highly configurable it is also Simple and Easy to use endorsing user-friendliness for customers, employees and the organisation.

Implementing our tool requires no technical knowledge, therefore, allowing trained subject matter experts on simple and easy to understand concepts to rapidly implement their innovative ideas. We all know that someone who is happy stays loyal be it your customer, supplier or employee based on your use case.

Cost Effective and Time Effective

BPN is designed to be intuitive for both implementation and usage, therefore, reducing the costs for adoption and change management. Our platform is scalable and fits with most budgets. The BPN is capableof keepingg up with the growth rate of your organisation and  grows as your organization grows, eliminating the need for infuriating upgrades.

Life today is fast-paced and losing a few minutes leads to a lot of damage and loss. The platform converts even the normal worker into an express worker making sure that no time is lost due to its high efficiency, ease of use, well-defined process steps and Rule configurations that govern the process flow ensuring the damages or losses incurred is cut down completely or to a bare minimum.


To keep data safe and to prevent loss or theft of important data to an organization is crucial and we believe the absence of which could lead to huge crevices in any organization. BusinessProcessNow holds data security solutions as a very integral part of our system.

BPN is highly secure, as it is a SAAS offering we are hosted on a secure cloud that has never been hacked. Further our application is fully validated by security specialists. All the communication is over a highly encrypted secure channel ensuring secure data transfer.

Automated and Library based Knowledge Management

Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be easier with the help of our Chatbot and Knowledge Search modules, instead of consuming your support teams time with these queries, they could take up unique questions and cases that necessarily require human intervention.

We can help you present a unified Chatbot across your ERP and legacy systems and Knowledge search functions that assist your users to support articles as well as direct them to desired tabs instead of them having to remember navigational steps.

One Stop Shop Communication Arena

Communicate with your team members, authorities and clients within our portal. Send SMS ’s, emails and make use of telephony services which are built-in features in the platform and mobile app itself. Enhance your contact centre experience with our Contact Centre module and our optimized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.


English is the most common universally used language but not all employees/customers are extremely comprehensive in English to be comfortably productive enough. BusinessProcessNow is multilingually giving it room to be used in any language from anywhere around the globe as it is equipped with all the languages that Google supports. Gone are the days that language and cultural differences can ever be a barrier in confining eminent knowledge but only a global asset.

Monitoring User data and Reporting

Monitoring user data helps a company to make vital decisions.BusinessProcessNow supports disputes, feedback etc.

Extensive customization Reporting and Dashboarding is widely supported by BPN.

Platform Capabilities and Workflow

We at Fusion Practices have equipped BusinessProcessNow with capabilities that we are confident will help you strengthen relationships with your customers and employees.

  •     Highly Configurable Admin Portal
  •     Workflow
  •     Native Mobile App
  •     Configurable Chatbots for knowledge management and transactions
  •     Knowledge Search
  •      iSupport

Highly Configurable Admin Portal

Forms Builder presents the opportunity for forms to be configured to the degree required by you and for you, permitting Role Based Access Control (RBAC) at every stage from the highest to the lowest level providing the perfect scope to collect data based on roles and enhance security features. With a wide variety of field or items available to use.

Priorities Create your own set of priorities at as many levels as you desire to get the best custom results to help you prioritize your work, cases, requests and tickets that you receive.

Status and Life CyclesDefine the different stages of workflow and Life Cycles in your organisation as a Status or Life Cycle and add them to your respective libraries, which will then appear at all times as available options when creating your forms instead of recreating them at every required instance.

Rules Govern the data that you accept, your processes and workflows by Rules that you define to avoid rework and audit issues.

Themes Let those desires flow and determine how you want your Native Mobile App, Web User and Admin portals to look by creating your own themes, logos and colour schemes. You can change these as many times as you want, even if it’s one for every season with no additional costs but only a couple of few simple steps without the need for an expert designer or artist.

And many more …


Service Desk

Need help with anything, walk to the closest service desk or help desk and they will clarify and resolve the issue for you.BIP has a service desk which does just that for you without walking anywhere. It is a  feature that is inbuilt into the platform to help you resolve any issue that you are facing.

View a list of all Service Requests raised, with all related information. Configure filters to view the kind of information you want to concentrate on and analyze them with graphs and charts.

 Case Management

Knowing today’s fast-paced world, keeping track of all your updates and everything important to you can be challenging. Your suppliers, your customers, your employees all send requests for something. If this happens on emails then it is easy to lose track of the status of it. Our platforms service desk and case management system avoids you losing track and automates your entire business process and enables streamlined audit. You can track the status of your requests or any task, and achieve enterprise task process automation through our platform.

Once implemented as the ticket moves from one state to the other it is auto-updated so you can track the status of your service desk request.

Providing a list of all cases raised depending on the form type. Manage these queues based on your roles, analyze and make the best use of graphs and maps.


Attach a task to a service request or case and follow up on it. You can also use the Task portal to plan your schedule and assign tasks to your team members. Your team members will be notified once a task is assigned to them, they can also view a list of all the tasks assigned to them and their respective status. You can monitor these tasks and answer any questions related to it. This finds its use very convenient in Mobile apps.


Define People and Users within the application and assign Roles to them that you have predefined in your system library based on your requirements. Create User Groups based on User Function, Alignment or Business Processes. View a list of your community members and all their attributes and skill sets, which can be edited and updated from the admin portal based on roles.


At every level of the organisation, there are different Service Level Agreements (SLA) that form a binding, it helps to have them tracked in a single place and followed up stringently, hence the BPN provides a solution for you to define them and keep a keen track on it.


An array of options are available for you to custom create your Dashboards and it’s parameters to boost your preferences in dashboarding.

Native Mobile App

Gone are the days when the computer or even the laptop was needed to do anything. Today mobile is useful, so useful that sometimes it replaces its bigger brothers-the computers, laptop. When such is the case, the mobile cannot be ignored.

That brings us to the fact that our platform is available on the mobile phone which is user-friendly and highly customizable and performs the same functions as the web user portal if not more functions like our Mobile Worker, available on both IOS and Android. The Native Mobile App is so simple to use that it requires basic commonly used technical knowledge.

The app boasts the ability to be used offline as well. View tasks assigned to you and key in the data even though you’re not connected to the internet and it will be automatically uploaded and synced when your back online.


Chatbots are gaining more popularity in the marketing industry and this is because they are bringing a new way for businesses to communicate with the world.

Our BPN’s Chatbot uses Style Match Technology to help users find what they want and get the answers they are looking for. Our Chatbot also answers FAQs saving employees and users time and if and when needed it directs the user to someone who can help them if it does not know the answer and learns your process over time due to the Artificial Intelligence it is created with.

Filling in forms and details can be quite stressful at times if not always especially if you are in a hurry, that’s why the Business Automation ERP Chatbot fills forms and likewise details for you once provided by the required details received by prompting for it. For example, we have integrated our Chatbots with Oracle E-Business Suite ( EBS ) ERP.

You can input and alter the answers and that you want to give your user and determine the conservation flow from within the platform itself.

Knowledge Search

Makes everything a lot easier for the business as well as users, write up a couple of articles and define the most used keywords your target audience will use, once the word is entered it will provide the user with your best-suited articles also through the Knowledge Search, we also suggest related Tabs and Forms parallelly to the articles which will take the user directly to that tab, avoiding long navigational steps.


iSupport is the Support portal that Fusion Practices offers, if you or your team members have any concerns or queries related to our platform or for whatever reason that you may want to reach out to us, you could raise an iSupport ticket and set the priority and we will pick it up and provide assistance on whatever you need related to our platform within an agreed Turn Around Time (TAT).

Use Cases Integrated with ERP

Before you can get what you want, you have to know what you want and make a game plan to get it.

But don’t worry, we got you covered since the use cases are already integrated with ERP.

The following are the use cases that are already integrated with ERP

  •    Supplier Onboarding process that involves procurement, legal and finance teams
  •    Supplier and Customer Dispute Management integrated to your ERP system 
  •    Field Service Management and Repairs
  •    Employee Complaints and HR Helpdesk
  •    Mobile and Chatbot Timecards integrated to your ERP systems
  •    Requisitions and Expense management with mobile & chatbot enablement
  •    Configurable Business Process Automation with their integration to your Oracle EBS, SAP, IBM, Workday etc.
  •    Contact centre with Telephony, Web Chat and Mobile providing a unified front end for your legacy systems
  •    Robotic Process Automation to reduce manual work

This is a very high-level overview of what the BPN can do, there’s a lot more the platform is capable of doing, stay in tune.. the upcoming articles will be more in-depth on specific topics and help validate your thoughts.

If you are intrigued and would like to know more please feel free to Contact Us  and we could walk you through the world of BPN…!


Service Desk

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BPN Service Desk


BusinessProcessNow’s Service Desk module can assist you to boost your organisations working potential as we assure you it will be at your service at all times.Our dynamic multilingual ‘ServiceDesk’ module serves as the main channel of communication between the company and their employees or customers to receive, monitor, track, approve and resolve service requests.

The intention of using a virtual Service Desk is to serve as the foremost point of contact for addressing user concerns, complaints, requests, data gathering, case management, queue monitoring, incident ownership etc. Service Desks supports staff and utilizes technology to support the business from any location around the world at any time virtually. BPN’s ‘ServiceDesk’ module is completely customisable and you can easily configure any form that you may require in just no time!

BPNs Service Desk comes with the ability to define custom Lifecycles and its stages as well as Rules based on Organisational Policies and SLA’s. You can set SLA’s and KPI’s to the forms based on priority and define rules for workflow and auto-escalations.

Features that Service Desk Module Offers

  • Customisable Service Request/ Help Desk

Create and customise service request or Help Desk forms as per your business needs and processes. Some of the examples are Procurement Helpdesk, HR Helpdesk, Legal Helpdesk, Expense Management, Requisition Management etc

  •   Role Based Access Control

Multiple roles can be defined and assigned to a user and access permissions can be defined on various objects such as cataloge, form, item and tabs which works across the web and mobile platform

  •   Automated Chatbots

They act as a first point of contact for many of your customers, employees or clients. The responses of the chatbots are highly customisable and can also be personalised based on the business requirements

  •   Create and Integrate Knowledge base

Create knowledge base which can be used as a training material and also as a help centre for your staff or your customers. Adding articles can be made easy, where anyone in the team can do a write-up and add it to the Knowledge Search Module, once approved by the manager it can be published.

  •    Add notes and print feature

Easily add public, internal and private notes and print forms for further processing.

  •   Self-Service Portal

Allows the staff or customer to complete his/her activity  by going through the self-service portal all by themselves using platform or mobile app or with the help of chat bots

  •   Dynamic Forms

Design forms using Drag and Drop once, configure within Tabs, publish Metadata and forms will be available across all the channels for end users to input data.

  •   Dashboards

This feature displays various defined KPIs and parameters in the form of graphs and charts to measure the performance with self explanatory visuals.

  •   Define and Monitor SLA & KPI’s

Define SLA and KPI for team members, apply them based on the conditions and then track metrics down to the minute

  •   Native Mobile Apps

Allows customers to submit service requests, track status, add notes, view tabs etc configured by the administrator

  •    Auto-escalation

Our Service Desk has the unique feature :- auto-escalation of requests to a higher level authority based on rules which could include response time, priority etc

  •    Auto Conversion of Request to a case

Auto conversion of service request into a case based on defined set of rules

  •    Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal using web and mobile

  •    Multiple Plugins

Easily choose from our list of Plugins and incorporate them into the forms such as File Upload, Web Service Plugin, Location Picker, Payment Gateway etc.

  •    Integrated Google Maps & ‘Nearby’

Track and assign a location to a task with integrated google maps. Find out options or stores near you, see existing service requests to avoid duplication using the ‘nearby’ option

  •    WMS Feed

Overlay layers on Google map using WMS feed

  •    Portlet

Embed maps to your website and display service requests based on pre-configured filters

Some of the Verticals where Service Desk is best suited

  •    Employee Onboarding
  •    Leave Management
  •    Travel Management
  •    Expense Management
  •    Vendor/Supplier Management
  •    Employee Helpdesk
  •    Customer Service HelpDesk
  •    Finance Management
  •    Asset Management
  •    Sales Management
  •    Contracts Management etc
Government Agencies
  •    Citizen portal allowing citizens to raise issues related to any government department like water, transport, education, waste, electricity, revenue etc.
  •    Government officials can use the portal to mainly resolve issues raised by citizens.
  •    Apart from public issues, ‘ServiceDesk’ can also be used for Leave Management, Travel Management, Expense Management, Vendor/Supplier Management etc
Schools and Colleges
  •    Admission form submission by parents,
  •    Project submission by students
  •    Attendance management
  •    Travel management
  •    Leave management
  •    Expense management
  •    Results management
  •    Broadcast and notifications management etc
  •    Doctor appointment management
  •    Patient history records
  •    Patient admissions
  •    Staff leave management
  •    Expense management
  •    Payments, Reimbursements
  •    Alerts and notifications to doctors and patients
  •    Vendor management etc
Insurance Companies
  •    Application form submission
  •    Eligibility assessment
  •    Payments
  •    Claim form submission
  •    Reimbursements etc
Field Service Companies etc
  •    Appointments management
  •    Customer data gathering
  •    Sales management
  •    Contracts management
  •    Leave management
  •    Travel management
  •    Reimbursements, Payments etc

Service Desk is best suited for the following roles

  •    Executives & Managers
  •    HR Staff
  •    Employees
  •    Patients
  •    Field Service Technicians
  •    Procurement Agents
  •    Vendors
  •    Delivery Agents
  •    School Staff
  •    Hospital Staff
  •    Anyone with basic knowledge of computers. There is no technical expertise required to use the portal!

Sample Screenshots

Service Desk - Ticket Queue

Service Desk – Ticket Queue


Service Desk - Complaints Form

Service Desk – Complaints Form

Service Desk - Complaints Form Cont

Service Desk – Complaints Form Cont


If you have further questions regarding BPN Service Desk Feel free to Contact Us !

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub: Overview and Use cases

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Business challenges and opportunities that create the need for an accounting hub solution:

Most companies have numerous ERP systems both purchased and built in house. Studies have shown that companies have about 5-100 different applications depending upon the size and nature of the business. Banks will have custom billing system, insurance companies will have billing systems for premiums, claims system and reinsurance systems . Multiple systems not only affects the IT structure but also trying to integrate the accounting from these diverse systems can be very challenging.

Challenges with Integrating accounting from disparate systems?

-> Redundant logic- Most companies are likely to duplicate the logic for each source system because as source systems are added, it’s easier and less risky to simply duplicate the logic rather than modify existing logic, also for some companies, their systems are so old that they don’t even have the ability to make changes to source systems 

-> Error-prone processes-When companies manually correct the feeds or use spreadsheets to upload data, like any manual process, it’s error prone.

  • Lack of visibility-In most cases there’s no visibility of accounting rules because they are  hidden in source systems, interface programs, or in spreadsheets.
  • No control- Compliance-related issues can pop up as there’s no control because many times companies have different departments in different countries that own the remote systems and interface programs.
  • Incomplete audit trailIf something changes in the source accounting system, companies may not know why or who made the change so they have no audit trail.
  • Manual reconciliationReconciling between the two systems is difficult especially if your company is trying to reconcile various accounting methods, such as IFRS and Local GAAP.
  • Accounting by Excel-Companies end up calculating thousands of accounting adjustments in spreadsheets which are uploaded as manual adjustments without audit trail, justification or link to the source system which lead to uncertainties about if the adjustments are accurate/reflect corporate accounting policies.
  • Change in Accounting rules-The process gets complicated when there are changes to accounting rules, or new finance regulations are added.
  • Global expansion of company-If your company expands globally, you need to worry about local systems and complying with local accounting standards.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions-Finally, if your company is in an industry experiencing many mergers and acquisitions, it means there arises even more feeder systems to integrate with.